Sunday, 26 February 2012

Celebrations galore, of comings and goings...

On the 16th of February, the School Resource Centre had a small gathering to celebrate quite a few things lumped up from last year. 

One of the main highlights was the farewell of our former Coordinator, Pn. Tan Soa Tiam, and with that the official welcoming of Pn. Sabrina. After speeches of both joy and sadness, Pn. Tan was given a goodbye gift by the School Resource Centre Board of many fond memories under her . The School Resource Centre Prefects even put up a brief dance for her, with the duo popping to the beats and presenting roses to both teachers.

Other than that, PMR examination candidates too got lauded on that day, with a cake being made for them for their efforts in the library and also their hard work in making our school’s exam results a booming success! 

With the interviews already done and concluded earlier in the week, soon new faces would complement that of Pn. Sabrina and hopefully refresh the club that is the School Resource Centre! 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

SMKBU(3) Wind Band Concert: Behind the Scenes

The Librarians have always been the hand behind the stage in most school events, and here we are, being stage hands for the SMKBU(3) wind band concert. As one of the important organisations within the school, it is prerogative for the Library to be actively involved in school events. 

Firstly, it's the strategic planning to get things done without a hitch. That's what we Librarians do best, observe and plan to get things done the way it should be, simple and concise.

Our two members of the Library Board High Committee, also the two perfectionists of the Library, would come down and set things straight. Literally. They even wanted to straighten the stacks of concert programmes just so that they could be picked up by the audience. How hard-working these two are (practically workaholics if you ask me).

Speaking of hard-working, even our ex-seniors came to lend us a hand. Our ex-Head Librarian was so willing to help us, and that is really a lot from him. How dedicated he is to the Library that even he came down and help with the concert!

Meanwhile, another two members of our High Committee (workaholics as well), are sprucing up the hall, putting on the finishing touches to the table. This is truly Librarian material! They set a really high bar for future Librarians to even reach in terms of effort and dedication.

After a long morning of preparations, our current Head Librarian, now giving orders to finalise all preparations. Everyone listens intently, eager to finish off whatever preparations that need to be completed before the concert commences. As our motto goes, 'Towards success we work together!'.

 After it all, it was finally time to open the floodgates! Students literally gush through the door, with ticket and concert programme in hand, thoroughly oblivious to the preparations the Librarians have done. Oh well, as a proverb goes, 'Do not let your left hand know what alms your right hand has given.'

What a blast the concert has been, with a member of our High Committee being the master of ceremonies. After warmly introducing the performances for the day, he couldn't help but dance to the music with his co-mistress of ceremonies and the chairman of the wind band. It was certainly a day to remember...

And that is all from behind the scenes of the Wind Band Concert. Ciao, and may we will have more events to share with the world!

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