Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Lorem Nativitatis!

It's that time of the year when colours again splash through, well, almost everywhere. Homes, complexes, halls, conversations, minds and hearts (and the list goes on). Red and green and gold and white conjure a great many things that define the season. Though school's out for the holidays (and is rearing its ugly head to swallow us reluctant students), that wouldn't stop us from at least having a word or two. For now is a time to share, to be together. What more could be said for the Library? What more for the nation? Let us free ourselves to be together, cast the stones aside. Remember the story of which this time originates.

I know, that was plain cryptic, but to decipher it is to understand what is of priority. We may traverse the world, or simply lie in bed. However differing (and conflicting) our personalities, our standing, our aspirations, our experiences; remember this, for we inhabit the same world. To tie this with what I have said earlier is to remember the lore of old, the raison d'etre of this season. Love, hope and selflessness should reign within us, and be kept constantly burning within us in this wait of joy. Red robes turned into modern myth, archaic customs done musingly, pure elation morphed into modern synth, what is this, I say? Empty forms mean nothing without substantial substance.

I love this style, beating around the bush, avoiding any bias that would strike a cord that would break us apart in these fragile times. However, though out history, times have been fragile, but the tale of which this festival originates goes on to tell of the phoenix that rose from the ashes, brilliant as day. Hope from Pandora's box shall send the bugs of woe back, and only then there shall be peace. So, for as long as that white butterfly work to chase the sorrows, there wold be misplaced books, incorrectly labelled material, noisy students, incompetent librarians (and the list goes on again). However, for now, let us gather together for the coming of glorious festivities, ad wait to sing the songs of the day.

Hope you were not frustrated by the seriously misty words. I'll give you a hint, all that I've said would be in the context of the Book (the word, βιβλίο, would come in handy). Until then, Joyeux Noel!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

I'm back from the dead, brah.

Hello beautiful people. :) It's me, the administrator who single-handedly created and designed this blog herself but is too busy to update it so she shoved the duties to the other administrator who has been regularly blogging on this blog.

SPM examinations started a week ago and so did the duty shifts during this period. All I know is that they painted the walls, washed the curtains, updated the inventory, etc. Just wanted to say a sincere thank you to the people who are kind enough to come to school on a holiday to carry out their duties. Your hard work is very much appreciated.

I think I shall end my post here as I don't have anything else in particular to write and I am busy updating my own. If you are interested in visiting my blog, you can just find the user named Dai-An-Nah on the shout box and click on my name. You'll be there shortly. Unless your internet connection is slow. Just don't stalk me, okay?

PS: I'm sorry. I shall update this blog more often.
PSS: Thank you to those who have been reading this blog.  We love you :) 

Friday, 25 November 2011

Thought visualising (and no, this is highly unscientific)

Seven words. I. Want. To. Be. In. The. Library. Oh, I forgot. EXCLAMATION MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Random, right ;P)

Immersing myself in the vibes of Zee Avi's island indie pop, far from the school, on an exotic island ; writing, studying, and running wild in the forest (though not all at once) I just realised something, I want to know what's happening in the Library right now.

Just last night, I was just sleeping soundly, when my colleague messaged me, asking me whether I can come today to usher in visitors from Indonesia. I got my hunch on a twinning program with an Indonesian school, but alas. she knew not. Too bad travelling can be such a hassle, so I can't go. Could've looked spiffy in my uniform, and just stand there overhearing whatever they say.

Well, all's done, and they've left. Now to grill some witnesses and get the facts. Or just imagine their pacing and incessant questioning, the Librarians just smiling like they are part of the wall. But then again, a comical mind could conjure a crazy inferno and everyone got saved by an unsuspecting portal into a book, which diverted them back into this dimension. (and maybe, just maybe, there were aliens who got allergic to books and sneezed the school apart, or maybe, nope, not that one, or perhaps...)

On an entirely different topic, one can't deny that somehow one feels left out in any social organisation for that matter. You get pushed out in favour for a more popular candidate, then get dumped at a miserable post as 'compensation'. Somehow, there are always slackers and defamers that pull you down with incessant drama. Nepotists and cronies, dictators and criticisers, hypocrites and empty tins; it just makes everything so un-egalitarian. Just imagine when left-wing and right-wing come clash in the general meeting, fiercely debating, the quiet and meek come and take over, as the Olympians with the Titans.

Oh, have I said too much again? Well, ciao!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

First :) then :( but :S so :?

Randomly blogging, I guess, at this hour of utter liberty. Just been pondering on the title above (some random brainchild, I guess). I know this is so unprofessional, but the blog is pretty unprofessional anyway, so there.

In the final days of the first year in the second decade of the third millennium A.D., one just could seem to drift along. The Arab Spring just came and gone, a series of disasters, the beatification of a popular pope, a marriage of one of the world's most wanted bachelor, a creation of the new nation of South Sudan, economic collapse of the European Union, just to name a few events of 2011. I know I sound like a news junkie, but that is simply one way to measure time passing by. One could not help but feel like a spectator of the wider world.

Coming down to more digestible ( though more petty) events, the School Resource Centre itself has gone through some significant changes. Rearranging, restructure, re-aspire, reevaluate, rediscover... aye, that's a lot of re-s. The pinnacle of every social organisation is always dynamism. Form, reform, counter-reform, re-counter-reform, revolution, counter-revolution and the (somewhat crazy) cycle goes on. It's all human nature, I guess

So, henceforth is the end of this short post. Not just posting for the sake of posting, but hoping that the aspiring cyber-archaeologist would come and read this (somewhat pointless) post.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Plans ahead...

Just so you know, we got third in the aforementioned competition. Not bad for us.

Anyway, just going to he tell you about next year. With our dynamic Brittany as our Head Librarian, we could anticipate a marvellous year ahead for us. Let us just cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Hopefully, next year, we would have visit some great place, since we've had camp two years in a row. Camp is fun, but we've done it two years in a row, thus running astray from the usual order of alternating years of camps and visits. Then again, this year's selection of Assistant Head Librarians consists of only one prominent successor, also running contrary to succession protocol, so who knows?

Then, our annual field trip should be more spectacular than this year (not to say that Sri Pentas was uninteresting) just that we may go to two locations. Possibly, the National Science Centre, the National Museum, or the National Planetarium. Hopefully, I get to come along as well, alongside the entire Librarian body.

I also managed to get a glimpse of next year's Library Week. The events were numerous, but basically the same, since the forms that are taking part are fixed. One notable new addition is the haiku writing competition. For you people that seem to sigh blankly, a basic haiku comprises of three lines of up to 17 syllables, uses a season word (kigo) and cut or kire (sometimes indicated by a punctuation mark) to compare two images implicitly. Another competition could be a storytelling competition, and also maybe written book reviews. Whatever there could be, the Reading Month would be full of fun activities, so aye, I ken it's flipping fun!

But here's the bad news. The School Resource Centre Prefect Board would be interrogating incompetent Librarians to determine their commitment. Therefore, all you Librarians, beware! La Inquisición está aquí! Some would rise to prominence, some would fall bad; mais c'est la vie. We would also be officially adopting the Library logo that I have posted before.

That is all I have for now. See you next year!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

And so we are left waiting...

Just last Monday, our Library was inspected by officials from the state. Turns out, we're representing the entire Petaling Utama District for a competition. Even in the midst of the PMR examination, our beloved Library Coordinator, Pn. Tan Soa Tiam, was spotted scurrying up and down the Library, apparently getting the library in tip-top shape. After the aforesaid examinations, she finally got the extra hands she badly needed: the Form III Librarians too were scurrying alongside her hither and thither. Even some Form I and II were willing to squeeze in some chipping in into their already-hectic study schedule. After lots of paint, lace, plastic and a little elbow grease, the Library had another makeover, after the major rearranging earlier in the year.

As Monday grew near, the preparations became more erratic. On the day itself, we were still polishing all our preparations. Thank goodness this is Malaysia, for it is form our nation that the notion of 'rubber time' is incredibly rampant. The officials called to say that they would be slightly late. Turns out, they came TWO hours after the predetermined time. (At least we know that they are humans too :P).

When they FINALLY came, we were all spotlessly spiffy, with waistcoat and all, welcoming them ever so warmly. Leading them up the staircase into the meeting room, they were given a presentation on our beloved school, SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3). Us Librarians, on the other hand, treated ourselves to breakfast.

Then, the officials were brought around the school and were inspecting the school's surroundings. Leading them was our new Senior Assistant of Curriculum, Pn. Nasiroh. The sun bathed the school in a marvellous golden hue, so it went pretty well.

On the other side, however, was not a bag of roses. A few of us even took it upon themselves to spy on them whilst scurrying across the numerous corridors! But then again, it was kind of fun, pretending to be secret agents and all, even though (we thought) our cover was blown.

Last, but not least, they reached the School Resource Centre, again with the line-up of Librarians at the doorway. Then, it was strictly business, with their quizzical inquiries shot at random. Everything was meticulously examined, right up to the last fine detail.

Some questions were well-received, some were answered with a little too much hesitation. Whatever the questions, Pn. Nasiroh kept them chatty for the next three hours as they rated every aspect of the library. Finally, just before after-school duties commenced, the entourage left without another word. And so we are left waiting....

Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Be You! Tree

It's all becoming a reality! With the pilot slated for October, the Be You! Tree would soon reach the hands of the student body. Articles, columns and a whole load of fun stuff is waiting to be printed off.

The newsletter is like the monthly version of the annual school magazine. It features events that happened during the month before and some interesting articles. There would also be an advice column, horoscopes, birthday shout-outs, art work, comics, puzzles and much more!

Wanting advice for your problems in school? Write to our advice column, and you could get a solution that would work for you. Just use a pseudonym. We will change the names of friends, if mentioned. We won't tell them, as to not compromise your privacy

Your BFFs birthday just around the corner, and don't know just what to give? Why not send a birthday shout-out, alongside your name, your friend's name and birthday. Don't forget your shout-out. Keep it nice, simple and short. It would definitely be the best thing they've ever gotten!

Think it's time to unleash that creative stroke of genius? Send your masterpieces to us with your name and title to the e-mail below.

Have a hand in drawing hilarious cartoons? You're in luck, because we are also looking for in-school cartoonists. Got a funny comic to share? Submit it to us, any maybe you would be an overnight sensation! Don't forget your name (or a pseudonym) and title of your work. Just don't make it anti-teacher (no matter how wacky those teachers may be)

Living true to our name, we really would appreciate any suggestions for new columns or any adjustments. It is YOU that makes up The Be You! Tree, it is YOU that makes the difference. Just tell us at

The Be You! Tree is a subsidary of the Library, and would be handled by the Unit Warkah in the Librarian body, which coincidentally, is made up of the blog administrators (Isn't that great? :). With that, I can say, we look forward to publish the newsletter and capture the spirit that is SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3)

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

On the Verge of Independence (and Holidays!)

'Twas the 30th of August, 1957. The Union Jack descended from the flagpole as the British sang God Save our Queen, dignified in defeat. They knew the Empire was expiring after the Second World War, and so they agreed to disassemble their realm. In the first hour of the 31st of August, 1957, an infant flag, later to be called the Stripes of Glory, was raised; thus raising the aspirations of the fair people of Malaya. Later that day, the newly-built Stadium of Independence was jammed packed to the brims as the British conceded power to the Chief Minister of Malaya, the beloved Tunku. With that, he declared, with utmost pride and elation, the all-too-familiar, seven-lettered, Sanskrit-rooted word that is Merdeka!

It is solemnly enshrined in the five central Pillars of Islam, that a believer must fast for a month, the period allotted in the lunar month of Ramadan. Within this period, one would reflect upon the excesses of worldly life, and desire to be liberated from it in the hereafter. This could be seen in the manifestation of Eid-ul-Fitr, celebrated in reflection of the life eternal.

In case you are wondering about all these ramblings, it is just because the holidays are getting to me (thank you, Malaysia, for all those holidays! :) With this, I would like to wish all a Happy Merdeka Raya! (however did that cliché-structured term come about?)

Friday, 26 August 2011

Farewell, Pn. Choo!

Today, life takes a new path as a beloved teacher of ours, Pn. Choo, has left our alma mater as she walks further into her life. As sudden is her leaving to us, her farewell has been simple yet meaningful, two things that would sum up Pn. Choo perfectly. Speeches were done in her honour, and it seemed for that moment that even the cloud above would shed a few tears on her leaving! As I looked on from my place, I recalled the times she had taught me Geography in Form I, simply yet meaningfully, as her words were etched in our memory in attempt to recall them for the examinations. There is never a teacher who taught exactly like her, and there would never be anyone who would be exactly like her. Years of dedication had sculpted her gracefully in age, and she would be truly missed by the entire school.
From here, I , on behalf of the Librarians of SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3), would like to wish her a joyful retirement and a long, happy life.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


500 years ago; this your history teacher has often pointed out; the Portuguese set foot on the glory that is Malacca, for the Gold, Gospel and Glory that is theirs. Down the centuries, this tiny piece of land encompassed the entire nation and had switched hands for over 40 decades, each new master forcing their identity on the populace in turn. Finally, on that fateful day in 1957, Tunku declared us free from the yoke of our master. Merdeka! he had declared.

Even so, after 54 years of nation, have we truly embraced the true spirit of this call? Surely, globalisation has made us (including both us administrators, but especially the other one) the bearers of an alien identity that could tear the fabric that is our beloved nation, Malaysia, into utter disunity. Therefore, it is necessary for us to kindle the embers of patriotism within us. This spirit would encompass all lenses of society, indiscriminate of race, status and creed.

However, this should never give in to the blind patriotism that would lead ourselves into oblivion in all aspects of life. We, as the caretakers of the Earth, should unite to champion the rights of all of humanity. This is where globalisation should play its allotted part in bettering humanity and their planet. Balance, therefore, is essential in preserving this state of matters.
So, after hearing me rambling on about the overall world view and thrashing individualism into tatters and you give me that I-don't-care-about-your-dialectic look the next time you see me after reading this post, I would like to cherish the motto of the School Resource Centre, 'Towards Success, We Work Together' With this in mind, we would truly be a citizen of the world.
With this, I wish all a Happy 54th Merdeka and that many more will come.

Friday, 12 August 2011

It's official, people

It's just in. During the meeting on Thursday, Pn.Tan said that she is going to make the newsletter into a reality. Currently, the newsletter team consists of the other administrator of this blog and I. I am in charge of the designs and the other person is in charge of the articles. Sadly, most people don't agree with him being the journalist as his English is a little too good. If he wrote the articles, I don't think half the school population would understand what he is saying, including the teachers. So yeah, it is in the works, and hopefully, it'll be released soon

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Extra! Extra!

Okay, maybe not. You all might already know about this but it is said that although the fifth-formers have already 'retired', they are still going to pop up during afternoon duty; so better watch out guys. Don't mess around just because the seniors are gone, or you'll face the consequences. For those on duty on Friday, I am in charge now, so better do you duties well, or I'll work you to pieces. (maybe not to pieces, but the point is, just do your work and don't laze around). This is the end of my extremely short post. Bye?

Sunday, 31 July 2011


Enter the two doors, and a gentle breeze blows into your face. A friendly figure welcomes you into the atrium. In its ante-chambers lie the greatest treasures of the land. The Empress of the realm beckons her followers as they diligently scurry about their work. They wield such strength in determining the fate of the land. And this is the SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3) Library.

Come one, Come all

Hello! This is our very first post, in commemoration of the birth of the official blog for the Librarians of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bandar Utama Damansara (3). This is where we will post our crazy experiences in the Library, important notices and what not. Don't be shy and let your imagination flow; but, please, no explict content. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Why am I being so formal? Who cares. We are the Librarians and we are here to stay. We will always be a one big ( I mean BIG) happy family. Enjoy! Peace out!


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