Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Super Special Anniversary Post...

'Come one, Come all!  Hello! This is our very first post, in commemoration of the birth of the official blog for the Librarians of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bandar Utama Damansara (3). This is where we will post our crazy experiences in the Library, important notices and what not. Don't be shy and let your imagination flow; but, please, no explict content. Your cooperation is much appreciated. Why am I being so formal? Who cares. We are the Librarians and we are here to stay. We will always be a one big ( I mean BIG) happy family. Enjoy! Peace out!'
Excerpt of the first blog post posted two years ago, written by Diana Rodzi.

July 31st  2013 marks the second year anniversary of our Library blog. How time flies, we’re finally two years old! How far we have gotten, all thanks to the many long hours put into our posts and of course, our viewers too.

I would like to dedicate this post to the founder of this blog, Diana Rodzi.

Without her hard work and perseverance, the blog would not have been the same. Heck, it might not even exist! Diana came up with the idea of an official blog to immortalise the precious memories and experiences in our Librarian family. Ever since the first post was up, it was a long road of quirky text posts and articles filled with pictures, a colourful array of words and pixels.

Diana’s is a leader, a mentor but most importantly a friend.

When I first started out on my job as the Head of Bulletin, Diana was there to teach me everything. She taught me the wonders of PowerPoint and how to maintain the blog. Did I forget to mention she was one of my first friend in the Library while I was a probationary Librarian? When we met, we instantly clicked. We could go on for days just rambling about tumblr, which Victoria's Secret model was hotter, food....The list just goes on.

We humans are a very social species, yet we never really appreciate how even one's presence can lighten up the room. I'm so immensely grateful how I can share my thoughts and feeling to Diana,  especially in this society where material things are worth more than true friendship. (Oh, and she’s super fun in parties, by the way)

Diana is also the Assistant Supervisor of Friday. She knows how to balance fun and responsibility. When it's time to get serious and work on our duties, she will be practical and strict. She is matured and strong-willed beyond her age. An amazing leader, that is who she is to me.

In all my memorable moments in the Library, she will definitely be in all of them. She plays such an important role in my life. I can never imagine life if I had never met her.

Here is a list of things you MUST know about Diana :
  • She is an avid bunny lover
  • She has 7 bunnies
  • She is an awesome human being
  • She draws really well
Anyways, she is such a smart and determined person, and I hope she will do well in the future, in whatever she does. Diana, if you read this (which I know you will) I just want to say a HUGE thank you for everything you've done, and also thank you for... well, being you!
Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.
Anais Nin
Yours faithfully,

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Saya Sebagai Pelatih Pengawas Pusat Sumber

Selamat sejahtera dan salam 1 Malaysia kepada semua Pengawas Pusat Sumber sekolah. Tujuan saya menulis ini adalah untuk menunjukkan penghargaan saya kepada semua Pengawas Pusat Sumber yang telah membantu saya semasa saya menjadi pelatih Pengawas Pusat Sumber.

Sebelum saya menghadiri temu duga untuk menjadi seorang pelatih Pengawas Pusat Sumber, saya menganggap bahawa kerja ataupun tugas seorang Pengawas Pusat Sumber tidak betapa berat. Saya telah menganggap tugas seorang Pegawas Pusat Sumber adalah hanya untuk mengemaskan rak buku dan  memastikan keadaan dalam perpustakaan sentiasa senyap. Saya baru sahaja menyedari kepentingan dan peranan sebagai Pengawas Pusat Sumber semasa saya menjadi pelatih Pengawas Pusat Sumber Sekolah.

Pada hari pertama saya bertugas sebagai pelatih Pengawas Pusat Sumber, saya memang telah berasa kagum bahawa perpustakaan merupakan sistem pengklasifikasian bahan yang mantap dan juga bahawa keadaan perpustakaan amat bersih dan kemas. Sejak hari itu hingga sekarang, saya telah mempelajari banyak pekara yang baharu dan sungguh berfaedah. Saya juga telah dapat mengasah kemahiransaya. Memang segalanya dapat berlaku dengan bimbingan daripada rakan sekerja saya, yakni Pengawas Pusat Sumber.

Saya ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada Ketua Pengawas Pusat Sumber Sekolah, Yeoh Zi Qing, Penolong Ketua Pengawas Pusat Sumber Sekolah, Wong Hui Shyen dan Pengawas-Pengawas Pusat Sumber yang kini berada di Tingkatan Lima dan yang telah bersara; atas bimbingan, bantuan, pendidikan, dedikasi, sumbangan, perhatian dan pengorbanan masa yang diberi kepada Pengawas Pusat Sumber Sekolah yang lebih muda daripada mereka. Mereka juga telah memberi ilham kepada Pengawas Pusat Sumber yang baharu seperti saya dan juga Pengawas Pusat Sumber yang lain untuk bekerja keras, menjadi bertanggungjawab dan berdedikasi terhadap Pusat Sumber.

Saya juga ingin mengucapkan selamat maju jaya kepada Pengawas Pusat Sumber yang akan menghadapi peperiksaan S.P.M dan P.M.R.

Sekian, terima kasih.
Lembaga Pengawas Pusat Sumber Sekolah, yang seumpama keluarga!

 Ajay Suresh
(Pengawas Pusat Sumber, dilantik 2013)
For the English translation of this post, stay tuned as it will be uploaded shortly

Friday, 26 July 2013

Time Flies So Fast...

Yeoh Zi Qing
Head (2013)
‘Time flies so fast’ – that’s the line that I love to use a lot, especially now when I am already in the last year of secondary school. It was just like a blink of an eye. I can still remember clearly my journey as a Librarian till today…. I wanted to follow my brother’s (Jin Hao [2011 Head]) footsteps, becoming a Librarian in school, and it all started like this… 

ATTENTION: It is highly recommended that you read on if you like long stories; because mine is one of them, and I’m serious. :P

2009: FORM I
After applying to become a Librarian, we had to go through an interview. Did I just say an INTERVIEW?!?! Even though my brother ‘prepared’ me with all the tips, on what I should and shouldn’t do during the interview, I was terrified. I memorised the school song, the vision and the mission of the Library, the names of the teachers-in-charge and more.  When the day came, I waited in the Library with a few other students. The looks on their faces, some of them seemed super-excited and I had no idea why. Some were just sitting at the sofa, chilling with their friends; and some were just busy reading up their ‘notes’. However, I had a friend, who was a basketball player. His name was Kar Hei and was our senior. He offered to help me and told me to not worry as I was super-nervous at that time. We hid between the book racks and I continued memorising ‘stuff’ in there. One by one, we saw the students going in and out the Reference Room [where the interviews took place]. Then, my turn came. Luckily I did not mess up throughout the interview. When I came out of the room, I met my first friend in the Library. Actually, I bumped into one of my friend’s FRIEND, whose name was Brittany [2012 Head]. She was there for the interview too! I was a little relieved as I knew I was no longer alone in the Library.  I waited anxiously for the results of the interview after that. Every day, I would head to the Library during recess to check if there were any updates. I was praying really hard that I made it and I DID!  Other students, included Brittany also were selected.
Brittany and I were placed in the same duty day, which was Wednesday. Back then, our after-school duty hours were until 4.00 p.m., and we had shifts. Every Wednesday, we will head to the Library during recess and also after-school. Our Daily Supervisor will make sure that we all signed-in on time. After that, we will start off with arranging the books. We were to arrange the books on our assigned racks, and mine was 500 (Pure Science [according to the Dewey Decimal System]). Once we were done, we will always help out the other Librarians who were in charge of the English and Malay Fiction racks. Then comes our BREAK TIME!!! Brittany, Xurene [2011 Cleanliness Subunit Head] (she’s on Friday) and I would sometimes take our own sweet time to change into our Librarian T-shirts; to eat Maggi instant noodles, fried kuey teow, waffles in the canteen ... and we will chat away until our lunch break was over (sometimes we even hang around in the canteen for another 10 minutes to enjoy our waffles! WAFFLE WEDNESDAY! :D)
We were also given a ‘small’ test by Serena [2009 Wednesday Daily Supervisor] once in a while, just to make sure that everyone is on the right track when it came to working. We probationary Librarians were also placed into different subunits. I was in the Inventory Subunit with a few other probationary Librarians. Every now and then, we had to process new books, keying into the computer as an electronic inventory record, stamp the books, stick the barcodes and call number tags on the books (with yellow or red stickers when needed), and put them on the racks. I really do love my job.
Back then, I always go to the Library during recess, everyday without fail. That was because I never really liked to go down to the canteen for recess. It was always super crowded down there and I didn’t have much company anyways. I only had some of my basketball teammates to hang around with. Most of the time, we will just get a plate of nasi lemak and eat while standing at one corner, as we waited for the bell to ring. Hence, I preferred to just go to the Library, make sure my rack is always neat and tidy, help the others to arrange the books, chat with Brittany, read the newspaper [with the Star being my favourite] and maybe do a little homework. Yes, it may sound a little boring, but I just love it. I just love to be in the Library. I would rather be in the Library than to be in my class.
During our 6 months of probation, Mr Wong Tzyy Yu [then-Library Coordinator] had organised a 5-day-4-night trip to Langkawi for the Librarians. The trip was held right after our mid-year examinations. We had to use four types of transportations in order to reach our destination. Firstly, we had to take the Light Rail Transit (LRT) to KL Sentral, then a KTM train to Arau, and then we had to hop onto a ferry bound for the island, before boarding a bus. I can still remember what he told us. We could ONLY TAKE the LRT to KL Sentral (our rendezvous point). Plus, he said he would wait at the entrance of KL Sentral with a M16 rifle, to make sure no one comes in their parents’ car! Haha .... The trip was awesome!!! On the train, we had 3 carriages, all to ourselves. The atmosphere in the night train was filled with joy and laughter! Everyone seemed so excited, me included! Sitting right next to Brittany, Alya, and Xurene on the train was hilarious! We talked, walked around and chatted with the other Librarians, interacting and making new friends, hopping to other coaches and hanged around with others, listening to their jokes and scary stories. Basically, everyone was running everywhere for the first few hours; and slowly, everyone settled down. It was pretty cold in the coach and many fell asleep. I think, in less than 4 hours, the Brittany’s arm rest fell off and made a loud THUD!  The other Librarians around us got a fright and woke up, then that was when it started all over again. In the middle of the night, everyone started to talk and walk around again. When we were in Langkawi, we visited many places. Be it north, south, east or west: we went everywhere by bus. We managed to do batik canting, and brought our artwork with us too. During the two-night stay in the hotel, the bunch of us walked our way to a night market and did a little late-night shopping. I can remember clearly that my roommates (Brittany, Alya and Ka Yan) and I bought loads of jelly, junk food and nail polish. When we got back to the room, we had something resembling a slumber party. Xurene came over to our room and joined us. We watched horror movies, late into night in the room. We ate jellies and helped one another to paint each other’s nails. Again, we talked and talked non-stop; to the point of waking up late the next morning! The greatest part of the trip was, when all of us Librarians ‘conquered’ the cinema(located next to the hotel) and watched Night in the Museum 2. Some of us even stayed back to watch Terminator Salvation! Brittany and I almost got lost in the shopping complex as well! When we got back to our rooms, it was already 2.00 a.m. and we saw Aileen [2011 Assistant Head] and Kimberly. I guessed they were locked out from their room that night; so we had them over to our room and they spent a night with the five of us in a small room. How sad. :(
When we were leaving Langkawi, we were stranded on the port. Mr. Wong was worried that we will miss our train! Luckily, we had all the guys to help carry the luggage the girls were just told to run to the train! Everyone was rushing everything; hoping that we will make it back in time.
LIBRARIAN QUALIFYING EXAMINATIONS! This was another thing that all probationary Librarians had to worry about. I remembered that I was sick that day, and I came late for the examination. Luckily I passed! We had our Appointment and Farewell Ceremony in Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya; once the list of new Librarians was out. I felt really proud and happy that day. Yes! I’ve finally gotten my new uniform, new neck-tie and name tag. It was my first time attending such an event. There was a buffet spread for everyone, as well as performances, such as drama and singing! However, on that day, we had to also say goodbye to our seniors, especially to our Head Librarian that year, Chia Xin Wei, whom I look up to and respect a lot. A great leader she was!  :)
That was basically it for 2009; a new beginning in my secondary school life. It was then that I knew, that there would definitely be more adventures coming up down the road...
2010 : FORM II
As my memories for 2010 begin, I remembered we had a farewell party on the 11th of February specially for Mr Wong, who was then our Library Coordinator and then was promoted to become our school’s Senior Assistant of Co-curriculum. With his departure, we welcomed Puan Tan Soa Tiam as our new Library Coordinator. A couple of us were saddened by this prospect, but we quickly got over it. It was pretty much a new start for all of us; a new journey to begin with a new Library Coordinator. We welcomed Puan Tan with open arms. At that time, I was transferred into a new subunit, the Aesthetics Subunit. How wonderful; I thought; finally something that I enjoyed and loved doing. As members of this subunit, we were again divided into pairs (I think). My partner for his was no other than… Brittany. We were basically told to take charge of a notice board in the Library and make sure we update and decorate the board based on the theme given every month. It was quite time consuming, but overall, it was actually FUN!  


Somewhere after our mid-year examinations in June, we had a Librarian Camp at Trans-Edventure in Kuala Linggi. There was only one word to describe this camp: it was AWESOME! We met the coolest camp facilitator, Major Chris! I stayed in the same dormitory with Serlyn [2013 Tuesday Supervisor] on a bunk beside me and Su Min [2013 Inventory Subunit Assistant Head] on the bunk above me. Unfortunately, she couldn’t sleep well during the camp; she was moving so much that this caused the bed to shake (it was a double-bunk bed). Throughout the camp, we had 5 MEALS A DAY! I was in the same group with my brother, Brittany, Quek [Zuoo Yuon] [2014 Head], Kimberly Boey, Chanette [2010 Aesthetics Subunit Head], Yi Sa [2013-2014 Assistant Head], Mike, Wee Soon [2011 Audio Visual Aids Subunit Head], Kylie, Jonathan Ling, Ming Yuen [2012 Monday Assistant Supervisor] and so many more! We were called the Jabbawockees (NOT the dance crew) from Team Charlie. There were so many fun activities. Most of them were team-building activities such as Dragon Tail, Punctured Pipe, Broken Bridge, Mine Sweeper, etc. We also did abseiling and rock-climbing! I was really proud of myself for that, as it was my very first time reaching up to the top. I never knew I could do so, but so I did. : ) * Self-pat on the back *. We also had to wake up early in the morning. We jogged a little and did some exercise. What a great start to a day! We did jungle-tracking at night as well! Gosh, it was pretty scary as we had to slowly walk into the jungle (it wasn’t a jungle actually, just an oil palm plantation :P) because it got darker and darker, until we couldn’t even see the person in front of us. No worries, however; as one or two facilitators were there to guide us. We were told not to scream and shout unnecessarily. We had to obey the rules in the ‘jungle’. We walked in a line according to our groups. I can still remember, we had to walk through mud and puddles of water (as it rained earlier). All of us were holding hands, with Quek [Zuoo Yuon] in front and Brittany behind me. At one part, our group members was a little left behind, and the people ahead of us were trying to catch up with the groups ahead because everyone was afraid that we might get lost in the dark. I guessed everyone freaked out and panicked, and that was when we started to rush…. I was no longer holding Quek’s hand... I was GRABBING the collar of his shirt! *I’m so sorry, Quek!* I was almost going to ‘lose’ him. Brittany kept on telling me to slow down.... I was also going to ‘lose’ her as well. We were so afraid, that we would be separated... IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ‘JUNGLE’! There were also some sections where we had to jump across a small stream of water with the help of the seniors in our group. Weirdest and funniest of all, when one of our team mates (I shall not mention the name here, to keep his identity undisclosed) FARTED a couple of times during the activity! He kept on saying it wasn’t him who did it, when NONE of us said it was him. Silly guy.... My sports shoes ‘died’ after walking through the mud.  I didn’t have another pair. Luckily, Puan Tan lent her shoes to me, so that I’ll still be able to participate in the activities the next day. How sweet of her. Guess what? We also had a CAMP FIRE! Every one of us helped to find dry leaves, sticks and twigs and anything that we could use to get fire burning. Every group was required to come up with a performance that night. We sang I’m Yours and Hey, Soul Sister accompanied by a guitar! There were so many bonding session with everyone throughout the camp. That was where I actually got along and knew Yi Sa and Quek [Zuoo Yuon] better. I was really happy with the teammates I had. :)
Not long after the mid-year holidays, there was a carnival (Canteen Day I think) coming up. We were to organise a haunted house! Yay! I was excited! EVERYONE was excited! It was one week before the carnival, and all of us were busy preparing and setting up the haunted house in the Lecture Room. It was nice to see everyone helping out with the preparations. Xurene and I will be busy sticking up the old newspapers on the window to block the light from entering the room. Some hanged canvas on the windows, others planned and created the path. Everyone was running everywhere! We skipped classes (for a good reason!) and stayed back almost every day till 4.00 p.m. or maybe even 5.00 p.m. just to quickly get things done. But in between all this work, we also had a mini-surprise party for Tech Logg [2011 Assistant Head] in the room. I felt like we Librarians were a team; just by looking at everyone, be it seniors or juniors,  helping out one another every time. Puan Tan comes in once in a while to check on our progress and stuff too. In the haunted house, I was given the chance to become a ghost, more specifically a pontianak! Daryl [2010 Audio Visual Aids Subunit Head] was a mad joker, Quek [Zuoo Yuon] was a human jack-in-a-box; Vikki [2011 Monday Supervisor] and Siu Yue[2010 Inventory Subunit Head] were the crying dolls; Hui Shyen[2013 Assistant Head] and Jonathan were hiding under the tables tickling  and spraying people’s legs with water; whilst my brother and his gang were the ones making sure things ran well. We were having so much fun scaring and seeing the students getting scared and screaming their lungs out! Halfway through the day, I even got tables falling on me as there was a bunch of playful students which entered the haunted house. Although we were in the room for the whole day, without much rest, all the hard work finally paid off. We managed to earn more than RM4000 and also a little extra from the peripheral food stall. Isn’t that a big success for us, as first-timers? : ) We could tell that Puan Tan was really happy and proud of us. It took us a week to set up the haunted house, but it only took us A DAY to bring everything down.... How sad. :’( However, we did have fun while we were cleaning up the whole place the next day. We moshed people up, used tents and canvas to wrap people up. Even so, the fun all stopped when Puan Tan came in and scolded us for fooling around. Oh well….
On the 8th of August, we had our Annual Appointment Ceremony and Farewell Party at Armada Hotel. After years of having it in the same place (Holiday Villa), we were allowed to switch to another venue to have this annual event [at the request of Puan Azizah, our principal]. We were also allowed to change into our formal clothes after the Appointment Ceremony was over. I was glad that I was chosen to be the Assistant Head of the Aesthetics Subunit. Yay! I ‘UPGRADED’! :P On that day, I was helping out with the gifts. I also had a chance to play my gu zheng and acted in the drama that day. Not just that, I was also nominated as the ‘Most Helpful Librarian of the Year’ and I won! My close buddies also won awards too, Xurene got the ‘Fiercest Librarian of the Year’, Jonathan was the’ Probationary Librarian of the Year’, my brother won the ‘Most SERIOUS Librarian of the Year’, Pravin was the ‘Librarian of the Year’ and Quek [Zuoo Yuon] was the 'Cutest Librarian of the Year’. There were many other performances, such as some ballet from Je Xi [2013 Aesthetics Subunit Assistant Head], the fifth-formers danced to a Japanese song, some sang a few songs. We also had a band performing a few songs! Everyone was so pumped up that afternoon! 
My second year as a Librarian kind of ended with a sweet and sour note though. I was greatly sadden after hearing that Jonathan Ling had to migrate to New Zealand with his family, and Kimberly had to go to Cambodia and study at an international school there. Even Puan Tan was sad too. On the other hand, we had a small farewell party for both of them in the Library just to wish them good luck and thank them for their contributions to the Library. :’) *I miss them a lot.... COME BACK, JONATHAN!*

2011 : FORM III
It’s my third YEAR! :D Everything was usual, nothing special happened early in 2011. Just that I almost got a heart attack from my Librarian friends, such as Brittany, Xurene, Aileen, Wee Soon, Tech Logg, my brother... and I don’t quite remember who else... *Sorry*. That was because they had a surprise birthday party for me in the Media Room. I remember that Xurene ‘lured’ me to the canteen after school on Wednesday, and she told me that she ‘accidentally’ left her purse in the Library. I was cool with that, you know; and I went off to get some food before we headed back to the Library. I guess she panicked a little as I wondered off into the crowd and she was afraid that I’ve went back to the Library. Anyway, as we were walking up the stairs, Xurene sped off to the Library first and again I said, ‘Cool, okay, go get your purse’. As I was halfway walking up the stairs, Tech Logg was at the opposite side of the stairs (in front of the stationery shop) shouting ‘Zi Qing, don’t go up to the Library, Mr. Wong is having a meeting with the teachers’. He was telling me not to go up. Then again, I was like, ‘Why? Why can’t I go up? It’s just teachers having a meeting anyway. It’s not like I’m going to barge in and interrupt them. No big deal for me.’ So I just ran up the stairs and into the Library. When I got into the library, all the lights were switched off, but true enough Mr. Wong was having a meeting IN the Media Room. I saw Xurene, and apparently she has gotten her purse. Then came Vikki, walking out from the Reference Room and she told me that  my brother (2011 Head, just in case you forgot) was also having a committee meeting in the Media Room, and she mentioned that he is a little ‘angry’.... It seemed odd. Come to think of it, there was no announcement and no notice about ANY meeting during morning assembly. Besides, how could my very own brother not tell me that there’s a meeting on that day... and why Wednesday out of all days? Why before our co-curricular activities start? It was pretty odd but I still had no clue of anything whatsoever. Xurene and Vikki walked quickly into the room... so I followed them. As I passed by Puan Tan’s office, she was in there and was smiling back at me.... THAT was even weirder! Never mind, thought I, as I walked into the room I saw Xurene having a BIG smile on her face... and Brittany holding a cake. Then EVERYONE started singing the Happy Birthday song.... I was stunned for a moment. Shocked! Confused! And in my mind I was like: ‘WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE?!?!’ Only then I realised, that Brittany had planned all this for my birthday. I couldn’t stop laughing as I was still in shock. Even Puan Tan knew about the plan.... LOL! That was one of my best birthdays that I’ve spent with the Librarians. *I love you awesome people!*

Early in May, we had a surprise birthday party for Puan Tan in the Library! We also had our Annual Camp in school! I had really cool librarians in my group too, such as Wen Loong, Wee Soon, Joey [2014 Inventory Subunit Assistant Head], Choy, Vellu [2013 Cleanliness Subunit Assistant Head], Jia Hui [2011 Media and References Subunit Assistant Head], Ainin [2012 Monday Supervisor], Huey Ning [2014 Membership Cards Subunit Head], Ka Wai [2012-2014 NILAM Subunit Head], Dhatccaini [2014 Cleanliness Subunit Assistant Head] and we also have our lovely facilitator, Kuay Yee[2011 Aesthetics Subunit Head]! :) We made a perfect team, which led us to victory! Well anyways, the first activity we did was going around playing Scissors-Paper-Stone with other Librarians. If your opponent loses, they’ll have a sticker stuck anywhere on their face, and the winner will be the one who has the least stickers on their face. :D After that, we got into our groups, and were told to design and create a logo, and a name for our team. We were Team TWO FACED! We had a little cooking competition at the canteen that Friday night, and our group made hamburgers, creamy mushroom soup and frizzy orange juice! Some groups made pasta, fried rice vermicelli, macaroni and cheese, salad, jellies and even SUSHI! Yum! What a delicious dinner we had that night! After Puan Tan and Brittany gave a welcoming speech at the Co-curriculum Arena, we had a short presentation on our logos and team names. The next activity we had that night was a game, where we had to give instructions to one of our blindfolded members that are a few metres away from us and that person had to follow the instruction and complete the tasks. After our last activity of that day, many rushed back to the Library and to the toilets to get a shower. A few even played volleyball whereas some of us just took our own sweet time and wandered around the canteen and some parts of the school because we didn’t want to wait in the toilet queue for such a long time. It was already 2.00 a.m.. Xurene, Hui Shyen and I still haven’t showered yet. At first, we wanted to shower in the changing room, but it was too CREEPY. Then we went to the other girl’s toilet on the ground floor at Block B but it was DIRTY! We ended up waiting outside the teachers’ toilet. We were amongst the last few to take our shower. We finally got back to the Library and it was already 3.00 a.m.! Well, not everyone was sleeping yet though. We saw Puan Tan sleeping in her office on the floor. Brittany and Aileen were still wide awake, busy planning and doing some stuff for the next day by the sofas. They went off to take a shower after we came in. Hui Shyen, Xurene and I slept first; next to where Brittany and Aileen were, with our wet hair! Who cares, I thought. I guess we only had 2-3 hours of sleep that night but Brittany and Aileen only slept for an hour maybe.... We didn’t have our breakfast the next day, as went straight on to our first activity of the day! In Mandarin we call it the ‘Eagle catching little chicks’ game.... but it is better known in English as the Dragon Tail game. Our group won the game! Yay! It was quite a fun day, really. Many activities were planned out, such as water games and the beach towel volleyball, There was also a talk on S-Lib and a team-building activity; and at night, every group had to perform or act out a song.... The facilitators also danced and acted out Price Tag. We ended our second day with Jonathan Chan singing a few songs with his guitar. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay on to join the fun, as I had a basketball tournament the next day, so I headed back home but I promised that I’ll be back the next day. :)

Somewhere in June or July, we had our Appointment Ceremony in school that year which was something different. We had it in the Hall on the ground floor at Block A with the Prefect this year. I guess I was pretty busy with the decorations, and I couldn’t remember much. I just remember that my brother and his gang of fifth-formers stepped down and Brittany became the new Head Librarian. Tech Logg, Pravin and I followed suit and became the new Assistant Head Librarians.
Then, on the 30th of July, it was our Annual Farewell Dinner. This was the very first time we had our Farewell Party at NIGHT! We had it at Holiday Inn, Glenmarie. It was a really, REALLY busy month for us. On that day, some of us, mostly committee members, came 3 hours before the event started, and did many preparations. It was decoration time! Everyone was helping out with the decorations, including a few parents. The Audio Visual Aids Subunit members were busy testing out the microphones and other stuff. I was busy with the gifts that night. The master of ceremonies that night were Thazjit [2013 Audio Visual Aids Assistant Head] and Quek [Zuoo Yuon]. They made a really good team, getting everyone’s attention. Brittany was running up and down, EVERYWHERE! Gosh, busy woman she was. There was ballet again, some singing, awards…. *By the way, I was the ‘Librarian of the Year’, so YAY* There was dancing... and MORE dancing, before a drama and a short presentation to all the fifth-formers. When the event ended, we usually have this tradition where the fifth-formers had to stand in a row and the rest of us will go forward and give them hugs, shake hands, thank them and stuff. This time, I shed a few tears... Wait, I think I CRIED when it came my turn to say goodbye to Xurene and Aileen. I cried, because it was my last year with them and they were the closest fifth-former batch to me. Plus, Xurene, Aileen, Hasya [2011 Secretary], Wee Soon, Danny [2011 Treasurer], Kuay Yee were like my elder sisters and brothers as well as great leaders to me. I know some may wonder, why I cry even though we will still be seeing each other in school. However, what they do not know is that, it is a totally different feeling and the familial bonds we had with them are very strong. I was sad to see them leave though.  
The Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examinations were getting nearer and nearer. I spent almost every day in the Library during school hours doing my revisions, even though I wasn’t allowed to. I love it there. Puan Tan allowed us to stay in the Library and she even taught us when we had difficulties in or maths! : ) A week before the examinations, the school had a carnival to raise funds to build the roof over the basketball court. This Carnival was a huge event. Even though we, the third-formers were busy preparing for the examinations, we were still busy and dedicated to the Library. We had a dunking machine and a drinks stall. I can remember clearly that every one of us were running back and forth, from the dunking machine at the sandy area to the teachers’ parking lot; even helping out with the parent-teacher association’s stall. What a long and tiring, but FUN day it was. The next day, some of us helped Puan Tan with the counting of the coupons. If I weren’t wrong, we earned the most coupons :). but anyways, back to reality…. :P It was time to face the PMR examinations! Once they were over, you know that many students won’t attend classes anymore, but some of us came back and helped out in the Library again. We spend every day in the Library; arranging, MORE arranging, wrapping, processing books all day, every day. Sometimes Hans [2013 Monday Supervisor] would bring his keyboard and play some songs. Other times, we watch movies in the library; and there was one time Puan Tan made and brought a pot of some sort of Chinese dessert *I think it was red bean soup* and cakes she made herself for us to share. NOM NOM NOM! We ate in the Media Room too! Besides that, Hui Shyen, Hans, Han Chuen [2013 Audio Visual Aids Subunit Head] and I will bring our badminton racquets almost every day, and we will head down to the badminton court and play badminton for hours even though we were not supposed to. There was also a period of time where there were a few Officers from the District Education Office that came down and visited our Library. I didn’t quite know that we had cleaned the library, arrange dthe files, decorated the tables in the Library with facts.... BANG BANG BANG! We had the guys fix the unstable tables and nailed the plastic covesr onto the table with thumbtacks. It was loads of work. When we heard that the officers were coming, all of us instantly became the spies of the Library. We were running around the school, hiding behind walls and stalking the officers wherever they went because we wanted to know when they will be coming up to the Library, so that we could prepare ourselves. That was so much fun. :D  A week or so later, we received amazing news: that our Library won the competition and was the best amongst all the schools in Petaling Utama. : )
We ended our year with our usual holiday duties, but also with some rumours spreading around, saying that we are going to have a new Library Coordinator….
2012: FORM IV
IT WAS TRUE! I was sad. I was really sad to hear that Puan Tan will no longer be our Library Coordinator. It was only one-and-a- half years since Puan Tan took over and we were getting along really well. I wondered how would the Library be like when Puan Tan leaves. Will everything be the same when she leaves? Why now? I had so many questions. I was so worried! I couldn’t understand and I couldn’t accept the fact that Puan Tan will be leaving us to be the Teacher-Advisor for the school cooperative. Even Puan Tan did not want to leave us. *That was what she told me one day in her room * However, what has been done is done. We couldn’t do anything to change the situation. I knew we still had to move on. We couldn’t be selfish. Hence, we had a farewell party for Puan Tan and we welcomed our new Library Coordinator, Puan Sabrina. We wished her the best of luck in the future and said goodbye! Another new chapter was opened with our new Library Coordinator. I was praying really hard that things will be the same in the Library. I hoped that everyone can get along well with Puan Sabrina and that we will make a good team.
This time we had our Annual Camp at Trans-Edventure, Kuala Linggi - again. Many of us were actually disappointed, and didn’t quite like the idea as many of us had already been there before, me included. I thought that we could probably go somewhere else, you know, on a trip maybe. But we (Brittany, Tech Logg, Pravin and I) ended up getting a small lecture from Mr. Wong for causing so much fuss. :P Whatever it was, we ended up going to Kuala Linggi again... this time... we had company: the school’s cooperative! It was cool that Puan Tan was going too! Anyway, having camp in Trans-Edventure again was awesome! *As usual* Even with the school cooperative tagging along, it was a little different but still it was fun. The members in my group were awesome. I had the Red House Captain, Khai Hann; my classmate Jia-Jie, Hui Shyen, Han Chuen, Hong Ann, Kai Han and a few others. Some of the activities we had were similar to the ones we had before, but there were new activities, such as the flying fox, treasure hunting and a cooking competition. At the end of the camp, TEAM DELTA, my team got the most points and won! :) Kudos to everyone! :)
When the Appointment Ceremony came again, it was time for Brittany and her gang to step down. Everything happened so fast, I thought… and I was then given the opportunity to become the Head Librarian. Hui Shyen, Quek [Zuoo Yuon] and Yi Sa were the Assistant Head Librarians. Not long after that, we had our Annual Farewell Party at the Saujana Hotel. Hui Shyen and I were the organisers of the event, and gosh... all the planning and all the work! We had to sort everything out, from A to Z. It was tough but I’m glad that we did it. We have already started to plan the event after the PMR examinations, and at last, all of our hard work had paid off. I never knew that one day, I’d be organising such an important event. This year, I cried like a baby too. Brittany was leaving. I was so scared, that I couldn’t manage the Library. I didn’t know what I would do without Brittany. I hugged Brittany tight and cried so badly, and how I wished she wouldn’t have to leave! I wasn’t even ready to say goodbye! All the memories I had with her…. Well, I was still lucky to have a very strong board of committee members to work with, but I know that it will still be a challenge for us. We were officially on our own now.
The next day, after the event, we were back to business again. A small carnival was coming up, and we were tasked to do the haunted house again. It was Puan Tan’s idea, so we accepted it and worked on it straight away. Just after only 2 weeks of setting up the haunted house, we had to take it down the very next day. :'(
2013: FORM V
2013: my final year as a Librarian. Well, there was nothing much that happened early in the year except our trip to CAMERON HIGHLANDS! : D This year, we were accompanied by the Peer Facilitators. On the 5th of April, everyone gathered at the assembly point after recess, and took off in 3 buses to Cameron Highlands. It took us like 4 hours, to reach our destination. When we arrived, Puan Sabrina, my Assistant Head Librarians and I sorted out the rooms for everyone and gave out the keys to them for their respective rooms. My roommates were Carissa [2013 Treasurer], Pui Yee and Shin Jin. When I entered my room there was a lizard on the wall. Everyone freaked out! :P What a great start, eh? After dinner, Carissa, Kang Yee [2013 Secretary], Shin Jin and I hung around in Lela’s [2013 Newspapers Subunit Head] room and watched SHARK NIGHT together…. What an epic night it was. That night, there was also a speech given by Puan Sabrina, and then everyone was sorted out into several groups. I was the facilitator of Group 1, whose leader was Hans Leong. Hence, every group was given only one day to plan and come up with a performance for the next day. When everyone of us went back to our rooms, many were still wandering around the hallway, chit-chatting with their friends, which was all totally normal. Some were just running around and around, everywhere around the hotel. I don’t know what got them to be that energetic. While the others were fooling around, Hans and I were busy writing up a script for our skit for the next day. The following day, we went to the ‘BOH’ Tea Centre, and the scenery there was beautiful! The weather up there was so cooling. Then we went to see so many beautiful flowers here and there. Later, that evening, we went to look at some cacti . After that, Lela, Mae Yen [2013 Media and References Subunit Head], Kang Yee and I headed off to the market and bought loads of stuff to EAT! CHOCOLATE-COATED STRAWBERRIES AND MARSHMALLOWS WERE THE BEST! I couldn’t have had enough of it; seriously. The next day, we were all not ready to go home yet, so we went to the strawberry farm *MORE STRAWBERRIES*, and a saw some butterflies as well. :) <3 
After the trip to Cameron Highlands, I hadn’t been in school for many days (actually a  month) and I was super-busy with my volleyball tournaments. Hence, I wasn’t able to keep up to date with the Library. I even had to skip my mid-year examinations and retake the papers during the holidays. Argh! During the second week of the mid-year holidays, we were preparing and setting up another haunted house. *This was our third time doing this *:P. This time, we had it in our very own Library! As you know the Library is much bigger than the Lecture Room and the hall combined, so it took us 3 weeks to get it done, but it took one whole long day for us to take everything down! :(
After that, everything has come to an end in July. I officially stepped down as Head Librarian (and as a Librarian). I couldn’t have stayed and celebrate with the rest as I had to leave for my driving test immediately after the Appointment Ceremony. That weekend, I attended my last Farewell Party. I was glad that both my ‘sisters’, Brittany and Xurene, were able to make it to the event too. :) Well, it was finally my turn to say goodbye to the rest. Everything happened so fast. It was as if it were yesterday when I came into the Library as an ordinary Librarian; and now, I’m standing there, in a row with the other fifth-formers, bidding farewell to the junior Librarians. It was unbelievable for me. It has been almost 5 years since I was first appointed as a Librarian. I’ve seen many come and go, and now, it’s my turn to move on. :)
Time flies so fast.... Really, it does.
If you have read all the way till here, kudos to you! However, there’s more though! :P
Before I end my story, I really wanted to thank and show my gratitude to my lovely family. I want to thank them for their continuous support since the day I was born. Thank you to my brother, Jin Hao for being a great and caring leader/ brother to me when I was in the Library. Although we quarrel a lot, he was the only senior in the school that I knew, when I first enrolled into the school. He was also a great role model for all of us to follow. Thanks also to my mum and dad, who are always so busy with their work; but they will always be there for me when I need them. Like ALWAYS! They are the most supportive parents anyone can have. Whenever the school or the Library had a function, they will always be there to help. Just like when we were preparing for the annual Farewell Party, they too will be running around and helping us out in any way they can. They also give the best advices to me. They would never say NO to me when I wanted to participate in any Librarian events, be it field trips, camps, Appointment Ceremonies, Farewell Parties, haunted houses; you name it, they let me get deeply involved with all of them. Oh well, what else can I say? Thank you for all the guidance and care you’ve given, mum and dad. I can never ask for a better family. Thank you for everything. You guys are the best!
I would also like to thank all my Library Coordinators. Firstly, thanks to Mr. Wong for giving me a chance to become a Probationary Librarian, and to become the Aesthetics Subunit Assistant Head. Secondly, thanks to Puan Tan, for being such a motherly Library Coordinator, for putting her trust fully on me and for appointing me as Assistant Head Librarian. Lastly, thanks to Puan Sabrina, for believing in me; believing that I can manage the Library even when she was on maternity leave for two months and also for giving me the opportunity to lead the Library as the Head Librarian. I’m very grateful to have all three Library Coordinators, although there were many reprimands and sometimes misunderstandings. I’ve learnt through my mistakes and I have changed for the better. Thank you once again, regardless of you reading this post or not, Thank you so much for all your patience, loving and guidance you have given me.

Besides that,
Who is the person that helps you without hesitation when you need help?
Who is the person that cares for you when you are ill?
Who is the person that comforts you when you are sad?
Who is the person happier than you when they know you happy?
Who is the person who feels sad when they seeing you suffering?
Who is the person encouraging you when you feel helpless?
Who is the person being with you when you feel lonely?
Who is the person that tells you where you should go next when you are lost?
Who is the person, if not my friend, and who am I without them?
To Brittany Claire Jalleh,
You were the first person and friend that I met in the Library; the one that I hung out with at the side of the road. We would always sit down and have the craziest conversations before the school bell rings every day when I was in a first-former. We talked about everything and anything, and that would make us laugh and laugh and laugh! You were a very understanding person; being such a caring and CRAZY girl! However, when you were at work, you were super-serious. We took the longest time to eat, to change, and we are ALWAYS late for after-school duties. However, you gave me the best advice, and the courage; and taught me how to be a leader. For that, I respect you a lot. You were a great leader and a true friend indeed.
To Lim Xurene,
You were one of the fiercest and scariest Librarians I’ve seen in the Library. When you shouted to keep the students quiet in the Library, the Library would be in total silence after that. You even dared to scold and fight back at those students who tried to be funny with you! When we are not in the Library, we will always go CRAZY! You were also one of the most caring friends I’ve met. You always there to listen to anyone’s problems; and you loved going around giving hugs. :)
To Wong Hui Shyen,
You were Miss Perfectionist; always wanting things to be DETAILED! You talk a lot too and sometimes I don’t even know what your point is. You were my Assistant Head Librarian and a good leader. You were always very helpful and hardworking. You were always bullied by Edmund [2012 Cleanliness Assistant Head]. Although we had loads of disagreements during discussion, but we know that our intentions were the same, wanting the outcome and end-products to be the best at the end of the day. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, laughing and crying together, but we’ve always been there for one another to face any problems.
To Aileen Yeo, Pravin Dave and Ding Tech Logg,
You guys were the blurred-out one, the joker and the bell respectively. : P You guys were great leaders and Assistant Head Librarians, and I’m very honoured to work with you. There would’ve been no life in the Library if you weren’t around. You crack up the weirdest, lamest, but funniest jokes in the Library; and they will never fail to make anyone laugh, even when they are at their lowest.
To Quek Zuoo Yuon, Hiew Yi Sa, Carissa Ho, Foong Kang Yee, Hans Lee and Serene Khoo,
You guys were all book worms! Just kidding! You guys were the best High Committee members I can ever have and I really enjoyed working with you guys. Do believe in yourself, and continue the Library’s legacy. Trust your fellow Librarians. :)
I just want to thank all the people that I’ve mentioned above, and ALSO the rest of the Librarians, be it former members, seniors and juniors: everyone in the library. I’m so glad and thankful to have had a bunch of friends like you. You guys have given me so many unforgettable memories and I’m actually very sad to leave the Library. I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for my wrongs, and I’m sorry if I have ever done or said things that might have hurt or offended you. I just wanted you all to know that any offense was unintended, because when I’m serious with my work or when I’m chairing a meeting, sometimes there would be SOME that would joke around when I’m being really serious, and that does ticks me off a little, just so you know. However, you might not know how much you guys, and also the Library, means to me. Without all of you, I really am nothing in school. I’ve learnt and gained so much knowledge ever since I became a Librarian.

Thank you for your time.
Thank you for your jokes
Thank you for missing me.
Thank you for being caring.
Thank you for all the words you said to me.
Thank you for having meals with me.
Thank you for having been silly with me.
Thank you for all that you've done for me.

Remember these words (my favourite tag-lines),


THANK YOU, YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, FOR EVERYTHING. I’ll miss every single one of you dearly. <3 
Goodbye! :)
Yeoh Zi Qing
Head (2013)

[Wait, the post isn’t over! More pictures of memories abound below. Scroll down to see more crazy moments captured below!]


This post is part of a series that will feature heart-warming posts from the members of the High Committee of the 2013 Librarian Board.

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