Thursday, 1 November 2012

Logo Revamp

Hello readers,

If you've been reading the blog, you would have noticed this logo somewhere...

Well, this is our Library Logo prototype. I know, it looks amateurish, but it's a start! We at the Publicity Unit (also formerly known as the Bulletin or Newletter Unit) have revamped it and polished it up even further in conjunction with its first anniversary. So, here it is...

Doesn't it look awesome? Since I realised that there has never been any explanation, so let me explain.

The book symbolises knowledge. Its tones are earthy and subtle, just like knowledge, which is accumulated organically. The book also symbolises the vocation of being a Librarian.On the book is written Towards Success We Work Together, which is our motto. From the book sprouts a small plant, representing how we must fill ourselves with knowledge in order to grow and achieve our full potentials. From it, there are three leaves, symbolising the unity of mind, body and soul in developing oneself holistically. It also represents the good deeds of knowledge to oneself, society and the country. Another representation is unity of reason, virtue and desire in forming the utopian society, and also unity amongst Malaysians regardless of race, opinions and creed. The plant is green, which is the colour of growth. The plant grows towards the sun, which symbolises the goals of life, also reinforced by its golden tint. It also symbolises the future, which one has worked for, as reiterated by the golden tint. As the sun is uncertain in causing solar flares and prominences, so too are the achievement of goals and the future. The sun represents the world at large also, in which the plant of ourselves are dependent on. However, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing, so in steps in a helping hand. The hand symbolises the guiding principle one must have in bettering oneself. It also represents the people that will help and guide you along your development. The hand also symbolises us Librarians, as we try to achieve our vision, which is to shape a culture of knowledge towards the excellence of the school by Vision 2020.  Its tones are similar to that of the book, which implies that it is grounded in knowledge too.

All in all, it embodies the Library's vision to shape a culture of knowledge towards the excellence of the school by Vision 2020. That's all from be. Be seeing you!

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