Thursday, 13 October 2016

Poem - The Importance of Education

the light of our
A gift of academic

A path to divine
A smooth drive to our

gives our thinking a different appearance
And helps drive away all our ignorance

the process of teaching and learning
Which will help us in our future earning

The progressive discovery of our true self
And exploitation of the potentials of oneself

A torch of academic brilliance
And backbone of inner resilience

the key to unlock the golden door of freedom
And stage our rise to stardom
not all about bookish knowledge
But it is also about practical

makes a person stand up on his on
And helps a person to fight with all his foes

A fundamental
For any country state or nation

A thick line between right and
A ladder that takes us to the height where we belong

Mother of all
That helps acquires all our possession

Education is our right

For in it our future is bright.  

By : Thivyashini Selvaseelan

SMKBU(3) Farewell and Appointment Ceremony for Prefects and Librarians 2016

First and foremost, I am very grateful to be in SKK SMK BUD(3). On 18th of July 2016, marked another milestone of  achievement in my life and finally much awaited day arrived, after enduring the probation period of 6 months. It is the farewell and appointment ceremony for prefects and librarians.

As a probate, I was scared stiff and I couldn’t believe it was really happening. Excitement filled my heart as I walked to the basketball court. At around 7.15 am, all the students and teachers gathered at our basketball court. All the librarians and prefects sat accordingly as instructed during their rehearsal held a day before the official ceremony.

The ceremony began with our school headmistress, Puan Zuraidah giving a wonderful speech. Everyone was eagerly waiting for their turn as the prefects were called first followed by the higher senior prefects. Finally, there was a loud roar when the librarian probates were called upon followed by lower units. I quivered with excitement as I was offered the post of assistant head of the bulletin board. Then , the newly appointed committee members received their name tags. I could see the joy and excitement on the faces of the students. 

Meanwhile, the senior students, Form 5, handed over their duties and responsibilities to their juniors by giving them a lighted candle as a symbol  of them handing over their duties.

After that, all the prefects and librarians pledged to undertake their assignments and duties diligently to serve the school faithfully and the best of our ability.

Our Head Librarian, Quek Zhy Hgu took the stand to pledge the vow and followed by a bow by librarians and prefects to the teachers and our fellow friends.

After that, the retiring seniors of the prefect and librarian board bowed before the teachers and the students as a sign of appreciation and gratitude. Eventually, the official assembly ended and all the students went to their respective classes. Later on, the prefects and the librarians took some group and candid photos to capture and remember this happy moments. Some junior librarians were happy that they got their post meanwhile the retiring senior librarians hugged each other as tears streamed down their cheeks uncontrollably.

This is an experience that I will never forget as it has given me self-confidence and a newfound thirst for knowledge. I am very grateful  to Puan Sabrina and our senior librarians for their excellent planning, organisation and execution of this event thus making it a very special occasion for the probates.

All in all it was a day filled with excitement and satisfaction for making the event a huge success.

Bad libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities.R .David Lankes

Librarians are tour guides for all of knowledge. Patrick Nessgh

 By : Thivyashini Selvaseelan

SMKBU(3) Sports Day 2016

Sports, it keeps us healthy and fit, strengthens us and brings countless of other benefits.

31st July 2016, was SMKBU(3)’s  annual sports day. The event started around 8am with all the uniform bodies and all four houses – red, yellow, blue and green house marching in.  Our sports day then proceeded with the performances from all four houses. The performances were beyond expectation, they were well prepared and special.

Besides that, there was also performances by our school cheerleading team –Stompers, and our school marching band. They practiced very hard for sports day and their hard work definitely did not go to waste. This made sports day more eventful.

After a speech given by  the school headmistress and someone from our education ministry, let the sports begin! The athletes got in position on the running track and with the  sound of a horn, they
sprinted off for the win.

While the different categories of running were going on, us librarians were selling drinks and ice cream. We sold milo, and ice cream potongs. We had a stall set up in the stadium. My friend and I were the ones in
charged of walking around the audience to sell the ice cream.

We walked all the way from one end of the stadium to the other  end while carrying a big ice box to sell the ice cream. This happened when the running was going on as well. There were many categories for running and hours passed and the houses did not settle down but continued to cheer for their competing house members.

Even though I wanted to sit down and watch the race, I felt happy to help sell and earn money for the library. Our hands were tired for holding the ice box and our legs were giving out, but we definitely did not regret helping out. We sold out our ice cream and milo, which is great.

Around 1pm, the prize giving ceremony was held. Those who won in the race and also other sport categories before sports day took their well deserved medals.

Prizes for the houses such as best performance and best teamwork was given out. Finally, the long anticipated result for the best and strongest house was announced, and the winner was yellow house! The yellow house members were beyond happy and proud.

That was the end of sports day. The atmosphere was great and overall it was very memorable. SMK BU(3) Sports Day 2016 was a huge success and an amazing day, I await for next year’s sports day.

By : Lim Sheanni

The Comeback - SMKBU(3)'s Wind Band Concert 2016

10 April 2016, a day I won’t forget. It was my school SMKBU(3)’s Wind Band (pancaragam) concert! But to make that event happen, it took our blood, sweat and tears.

I still remember the first time our instructor Mr Ng announced the official date for this concert. I am a band member myself, and just like my fellow bandmates, we were shocked and our first thought was a fear of not getting ourselves prepared in time, for we only had around 3  (or less) months left to practice and plan everything.

We started off by getting new songs and choosing the most suitable ones to perform. Then, without further ado, we scheduled as much time as possible for our band practice. In the midst of it, we looked for suitable students to be the host of the event and Mr Ng brought some professionals to help us improve. We had the opportunity to be taught by Mr Mitsuo Nonami, a very experienced music instructor and also the instructor of Mr Ng himself. We had practice even during school hours but we learned a lot from Mr Nonami and if it wasn’t for him, we definitely wouldn’t have learned to play those songs so quickly.

Around that time, we started to sell our concert tickets and also promote the event. Everything went smoothly and there were no complications. The band had huge support from our schoolmates and some family members. As time flew past quickly, we had finished planning and held our rehearsals. Days went by, and before we knew it, it was the day of our concert. 

 The venue of our concert was Experimental Theatre, Dewan Tunku Cancelor in University Malaya. The concert would go on from 3pm to 5pm. The whole band reached there around 8am. First, we got  ourselves familiar with the place and set up our instruments. We did our final checkups and rehearsal and got dressed in our attire an hour or so before the concert. We felt a mixture of nerves, worry and excitement all at once. I remember listening to the hosts welcome the audience and also the ribbon cutting ceremony done with our school’s headmistress.  

As the first segment which is the junior band’s performance came closer and closer, my heart was racing and my mind was a mess. When the hosts introduced the junior band, we walked out and performed two songs which is “This Old Dude” and “Shake It Off” The juniors were only form 1 and they only started to learn their instruments  at the beginning of the year so they were accompanied by some of the seniors, including me. It all went extremely well much to my relief.

After that, it was time for the second segment which is when the rest of the seniors joined us and the juniors left. This was also the time the VIPs arrived and the drumline did their special welcoming session. Once the VIPs were seated and we started playing, all my worries and fears disappeared. I was engrossed in playing the wonderful music and I was enjoying my time, I focused hard on the music score and the conductor to avoid any mistakes. We worked so hard for that day, it was finally time to give the audience our all. 

 After each song, the audience would give us a round of applause and sometimes our music conductor, which is also Mr Ng, would give short speeches and thanks.
Some of our songs were not only us playing our instruments, but we also did some small actions along with it. For the last few songs, two of our school’s talented singers sang along to us while we played “Let It Go”, “Aku Cinta Padamu”, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” and “小幸运”. Not to mention, there were music videos played at huge screens in the venue while we were playing the songs. For the last song, BU3 teachers and ex band members stood on the stage and danced and clapped. After the song ended, so has our concert . 2 hours went by too quickly, oh how I felt like playing some more songs! 

Everyone was soon scattered around the venue taking pictures and talking with friends and family. We went back to our changing rooms to pack and clean up, and that wrapped up our day. 

All of our time and effort was worth it. For some of us, It’s our first and last concert. But for me, I definitely hope not. I look forward for more, I am looking at my future years in this amazing band with high expectations.

This was just the beginning for me, I am currently form 2, and I don’t feel like I was quite ready for the concert that happened this year. I want to learn more and improve myself, and I cannot wait for the day I can show people my full potential in music and playing my instrument.

Music lifts me up in a way I cannot describe, and with this band filled with people who love music, this definitely isn’t going to be SMKBU3 Wind Band’s last concert.  The concert was a success, and a whole lot more is coming.  

By : Lim Sheanni

Monday, 1 August 2016

The blog is under new management!

Hello everybody,

I know its been a long time since we wrote something on this blog, but we can ensure you that we will try our best to write stuff on this blog. XD

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

An Unforgettable Camp!

The Librarians of SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3) have a camp every year, and this year - like every other year - we had another Librarian camp (no surprise). This camp may already sound boring to you BUT I can assure you that this year’s Librarian camp had a slight twist in it that makes it more refreshing for a change.

We have camps every year to build stronger friendships amongst Librarians and to encourage the younger ones to pick up some leadership skills - and of course, to let the probationary Librarians get a taste of what it’s like to be a Librarian.

As I said, there are twisted sides to this camp. For instance, this is the first time that the senior Librarians planned a camp that included team-building activities and also sightseeing. What we had was basically a camp-trip. We spent 2 nights in Kem Permata Resort and 1 day walking around the inspiring streets of Malacca.

On the 17th of April, we took off from school to the Brindley Training and Camp Centre at the Port Dickson beach. When we reached there, a trainer patiently taught us how to build a raft from a few large bamboo sticks, strings, and gigantic blue containers. Tired from the long ride, I could see that most of us were trying to understand what he was conveying to us - but discreetly gave up in the end. However, when we were to split into groups and built our very own raft, none could deny that teamwork could be seen in all of us. With some help from the scouts  amongst us and those who understood the steps, we successfully built our rafts and even had a raft race in the sea!

On the 18th of April, we went into 'trip mode'. The first place we visited was the Cheng Ho Cultural Museum. We learned about the history of Zheng He in Malacca. After that, we went to Stadthuys, a historical building in the heart of the town of Malacca. Besides admiring the artifacts and traditional costumes, we had fun taking photos there.

Then, we had a simple lunch at Medan Samudera. We also went for a river cruise. Sitting back and enjoying the scenic view of Malacca was relaxing and enjoyable. Next, we went to the Upside Down House. It was very interesting because everything was stuck to the ceiling. Imagine a toilet bowl hanging above your head! When we took photos, it would appear as if we were on the ceiling instead. Go figure. Last but not least, we visited Jonker Street.  We had loads of fun from eating chicken rice balls, flower pot ice creams, ice lollies, fried potato slices and buying cheap keepsakes! The street was filled with busy lights and noise. After that, we even had a drama competition back at the campsite.

On the 19th of April, we went back into 'camp mode'. Early on the morning we all went through an obstacle course in the campsite. From climbing high walls and monkey bars to falling into murky green water and balancing oneself on a wire, I’d say we all had a truly different experience. The obstacle course required great team spirit and bravery from each and every member. It taught us to be considerate of others and help our team members.

After a bath, we packed up and said our goodbyes to Kem Permata Resort. Before we drove back to school, we visited one last place, the Malacca Planetarium. I think that we learnt a great deal more about galaxies, stars and the amazing universe out there.

We went home that day not with a heavy and tired heart, but with battle scars (from the obstacle course) and also new and exciting experiences. Most of all, this year’s batch of Librarians thoroughly enjoyed this camp-trip organised by the dedicated senior Librarians.
 By: Chloe Ho

Saturday, 9 May 2015

My Experience: Being Part Of a Musical!

It all started when our Senior Assistant for Co-curriculum, Puan Ngau wanted to make the retirement of Puan Azizah, our principal, in 2014 special - by coming up with the school's first ever musical!

This idea was announced to the whole school when she launched the auditions for it in June 2013. I didn’t know anything about it until I heard from others, so I went to sign up for the audition. If I were to get in, it will be so cool! When the audition list came out, there were tonnes of names there, I didn’t know so many people were interested in performing in the musical!

The audition was two weeks away, and I got more and more nervous as the day came closer. I practiced and practiced till I got it right. Finally it was the audition day! I still remember very clearly, I had to get out of science class for the audition, and my heart was beating fast. At this point, I just said to myself, 'Even if you get to be in the chorus, it's okay. Just give it your best shot.'

When it was my turn to audition, I calmed myself down before I went in. I told myself that I can do it and it will be over soon. I went in, and there were two guys - I’m guessing that they will be our coaches? Thus, when I began, I sang with all my might. After that, they told me that I needed more confidence and I shouldn't have been so nervous. Oh no! Will I get in?

After that was dancing. We had to go in as a group. When one of the judges came and showed us the dance routine, we had to learn it quickly and do it nicely. No offence, but some people danced funny! It was then over, though I was not sure why we didn’t audition for acting?

When I went out of the audition, I was just wishing I could get in. It was so long before the list was to come out! I kept wondering every day. When it came out at last, I looked from top to bottom. There were about 45 to 50 people that got in…. Guess what? I was one of them! However, I only got into the chorus. I didn’t mind - even though it was just a small part, it doesn’t mean that the rest were better than us. This was the beginning of a journey.

The first practice session was from Tuesday to Thursday that same week. I was so excited, but I had to give up a lot of my time to for musical practice. During the first practice, it was held in the music room, it was so congested because there were so many people. Just so you know, those practices were exhausting. After a few practices, a few people started pulling out because the practices took up a lot of time and it was really tiring.

At every practice, our choreographer Min always found flaws in our dancing, and we had to do it over and over again, until we got it right. Everyone was groaning. Dominic was the other guy coaching us. He was in charge of our singing, and the leads, as well as the acting of the supporting cast. Well, all that singing really trained my voice for the better!

As time passed, there were only 28 of us left. Sometimes, it was so hard that I felt like pulling out, but I got a lot of support from my family and friends. Hence, I managed to hold on. After so many practices, it was already the beginning of 2014. Progress on the whole musical was beginning to accelerate, because we didn’t have much time left. The performance was on the 1st and 2nd of March. Therefore, Min and Dom were training three to four times a week, and it was so tiring. I had to skip my other co-curricular activities. Gosh it was hard to skip Librarian meetings! I felt that I missed out a lot. So sorry everyone! Forgive me for skipping meetings and other stuff.

Anyways, January and February 2014 were the busiest months ever. We had to put everything together. Some of us were slow learners, so it was decided that the chorus didn’t need to dance. Though we already had learnt all the steps. but this saved us so much time. Soon, it was time to sell tickets, and the premier was getting closer and closer. All of us were sweating blood to get this musical up and running!

On the 28th of February, we had a full dressed rehearsal, and all the tickets were SOLD OUT! I had to give up school to go for rehearsal at the Damansara Performing Arts Centre. When we got there, it was like a dream come true! There was a green room, and our dressing room and the restrooms were so clean and tidy! We rehearsed, did a sound check and got ready for our very first performance the next day. I was freaking out and I was so excited! That day, we went back home tired, but excited.

That day finally came - our very first audience, and the premier of our school's very first musical! When we got on stage, my confidence came to me the choir began to sing with the rest of the cast. We also learnt how to change fast because we needed to get on stage in a short interval of time. It was a nice feeling - being in a musical. Soon, our first show was over. Min and Dom told us the show was good, but there was still room for improvement. Dom said that normally if the first show was good, the second show would not be better than the first.

The second show was the night show, and is the main extravaganza - when our principal Puan Azizah was going to come and watch us. I said to myself that we had to make it the best show. The second show was so breathtaking! Our beloved principal was right there, so we gave it our very best shot! Our audience that night was the best one so far - they reacted very well and cheered for us. Before we knew it, the last show ended as well and it was the end of a very long, tiring and fun journey.

Even though it only ran for three shows, this musical meant a lot to me. It was more than a musical - it was a really hardworking group of secondary school students letting their passion out. It was the most exciting and tiring journey of my life. I hope that an adventure will happen again someday, in the near future, but for now, this journey has been the most memorable one yet!

By: Celine Wong

Monday, 27 October 2014

Hari Koperasi

On the 24th of June 2014, SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3) held its annual School Cooperative Day. With coupon books to be bought at the school cooperative, most of the classes set up stalls to raise funds. There were smoothies, sandwiches, grass jelly, soy milk and more. There were so many stalls to choose from! There were also game stalls, souvenir stalls. This year, the escape room was prepared by the Librarians and haunted house managed by the class of 5 Seroja.

Besides fund-raising, this day was for everyone to have fun in school. Parents were allowed to join in the fun as well! Everyone was busy setting up before the school bell rang at 7.30 a.m - hoping to have good business later on in the day. As for me, I was busy helping out in the Librarian's escape room. We put in a lot of effort for all three of the escape rooms, as we hoped it will all go on well. Different teams were assigned to different rooms. As for my team, all of us kept checking everything to make sure it was all alright. There were four shifts, and five people on each shift. My team had ten people. Thus, when the first group of people came to us, we briefed them, told them the rules and regulations and then let them go in. It was pitch black inside the escape room.

One of us stood at the entrance to make sure that everything was alright and kept track of the time. The groups were walking close together, looking for clues. They were afraid too. One of us hid under the table to scare them, which was really funny when a whole group suddenly shrieked! This was really fun - being able to help out with the Librarian's escape room.

When I have finished my shift, the five in the first batch had to teach the other batch how everything was done as they have not done it before. I went downstairs to spend my coupons for a while and observed what others were doing. The food stores downstairs were selling things cheap because the closing time was drawing nearer. At that time, some stalls were already packing up as their goods were sold out. The most popular games were haunted house, escape room and dunk the boy.

After some time, I went back to the Library to help with the escape room. Group after group came in, and after each group, we had only 5 minutes to check everything before the next group came in. Some of the groups tore the hidden clues so we had to mend them. As the last group came in, we were very tired already but it was fun. A few groups got the answer. The winner’s prize was up to our supervising teacher to decide. After all of them were done, we were so happy that it went well. I hope those groups had fun. The stalls were packing up as the day was ending

Helping and planning the Librarian's escape room was a very good experience, even though it was tiring. I enjoyed it thoroughly even if I had to be there most of the time. I hope to do this again soon.

Even though I don’t know how much was raised ,but I believed it has been a reasonable amount as everyone had put in a lot of effort and supported the whole event. This School Cooperative Day definitely will benefit the school greatly.

Celine Wong

Monday, 21 July 2014

Librarian Annual Dinner 2014

Once again it is time for the Librarian Annual Dinner for the year 2014. The time when you say goodbye to the senior Librarians for 5 long years of service and say hello to the new Librarians that was elected. The time for sorrow and sadness, yet also the time for happiness and rejoice. The Librarian Annual Dinner was set at Tropicana Golf and Country Resort on the 21st of June 2014.

The event kicked off when the guest entered the hall. After the guest have settled down, our master of ceremonies (MC) invited Quek Zuoo Yuon to give a speech on his overall experience as a Librarian. Next, the MC’s invited Puan Sabrina, our Library Coordinator on stage to share the achievements that our Library has made. The guests were then allowed to the buffet table. A great variety of scrumptious food was served.

For the more entertaining bit of our event, mass suspense was created in the murder mystery game, planned by the committee. We also had a memory game to keep our guests entertained. Besides that, we also have fantastic performances done by some of the Librarians themselves. One of the performances would be the 5 Shades by Kang Ling, Felicia, Wey Sern, Rachel and Melanie. Not to forget, Serene Khoo performed ballet, a dance that was sure to have out us in a trance – in a good way of course!

We had lucky draws at intervals. The committee have outdone themselves with amazing prizes up for grabs. Prizes such as Starbucks vouchers, a frisbee, thumb drives, bags and more - but the most anticipated grand prize was … the Beats headphones!

It was fun, but what happened behind the scenes was even greater. The committee had immense fun planning the murder mystery game, doing a last minute comedy skit and other really crazy things that won’t be mentioned here. The whole event was basically to commend the seniors for every ounce of effort to make the Library what it is today. With that said, there was a farewell, with the seniors standing in a line and all the Librarians going to each and every one of them to give them a hug and maybe a few words. It was a bittersweet moment.

By: Jesper Huang
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