Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Book Review

One Of Us Is Lying

The book that I chose to write about is titled 'One Of Us Is Lying' by Karen Mc.Manus. It is the first out of the two books that has been published in this series. This book is about four students suspected for a murder case that has recently happened within the four walls of their detention room. The victim is the creator of the notorious gossip app, and he died 24 hours before their secrets would be uploaded online. Everything depends on how far they'll go to protect their secrets from being exposed. 

I've read this book recently and I'd say that it is most likely the best book I've read. There's nothing I would change about the plot of the story. I'd say it's a slight combination of detective fiction, crime fiction and courtroom drama. Therefore, this book may be ideal for crime fiction fans. However, this book may also be unbalanced as different point of views of the story has been featured. The author's style involves multiple inappropriate phrases and scenes for younger readers.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend investing or borrowing a copy as this book has quality content. It was a very enjoyable and engaging read. It also shows the readers the importance of being understanding to others, especially when it comes to people who are different from others.

By: Leanne Cheong

Monday, 20 May 2019

Puan Azura’s Farewell

 Like all good things, it will come to an end. In this case, our beloved Puan Azura has got to move away. On March 8 2019, Puan Azura was to bid farewell to SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3) as well as her students. Puan Azura was an amazing Bahasa Melayu teacher as well as the head teacher of the librarians in our school.

After school has ended, all the fellow librarian and a few teachers threw a farewell party for her in the canteen. Everyone had joined in to help prepare a banquet of food in the canteen. Puan Azura was in tears when she saw all the librarians joyously celebrating her arrival. With a few of her tears, it brought some to our eyes as well. The librarians then listened to her speech though was muffled with a few sobs and was greatly moved by her.

As a representative of the students, I am proud to say that she was an astounding teacher through out my school life as a Bahasa Melayu teacher who taught me well and as a teacher who represented the librarians who brought us through thick and thin. Though our time with you was way too short to our liking, we will deeply miss you, Puan Azura.

By: Farah Azwanilda

SPM Result Day 2019

 On the 14th of March 2019 , the ex-seniors of SMK BU3 have revisited their school to collect their highly anticipated SPM results which they have been waiting since last year . Most of them came earlier than they should so they can greet their beloved teachers who have taught them a lot throughout the years.

  The students and their parents gathered at the basketball court which has been decorated with balloons and flowers . The principal of SMK BU3 started the ceremony with a speech to thank for all the hard work by the teachers and students who have thrived before SPM 2018 . Shortly after the speech , the students finally collected their results.

  Some cried and some were hugging their parents. Despite the amount of As they got , they were still proud of their results. Not to mention , the amount of students that successfully have gotten straight As for their results were 20 people which has broken the record of straight As SPM students for the previous years in SMK BU3.

  The day ended when all the students have collected their results. Overall , it was a good day for everyone.

By: Adrinn Goh

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Friendship Week 2019

 On the 18th till the 22nd of February 2019 , SMK BU3’s librarians have set up a friendship week sales whereby varieties of food were sold by the fellow librarians. Food sold by us were quesadillas , nachos , cheese melts , cookies , lemonades and many more. 

 The sales were held along the way to the canteen. The students find many of our food delicious and good. For instance , the nachos and lemonade were very famous as they had a very reasonable price. Other than that , the students find the quesadillas very nice although most of them do not know what were they. Most of the librarians and probates have worked hard together and helped out each other.

 The librarians had a lot of fun throughout the week despite difficulties we had to go through. We had gained a lot of experience , memories and also a lot of money! All the money that has been raised will be used or our Annual Librarian Dinner that will be held soon. It was a pleasantly exciting week for us librarians!

By: Adrinn Goh

Monday, 25 March 2019

Hari Keusahawanan 2019

 On the 20th of February 2019 , clubs such as the Librarian Club , LEO Club , Chinese Club , Science and Maths Club and also YE Club have participated in Hari Keusahawanan where they all sell food and also make games for the students in order to raise money for the club.


It was a typical Wednesday , hot and sunny. Usually , we would have co-curricular activities after school but on that day , students were allowed to enjoy the food made by the clubs! There was a variety of food such as quesadillas , nachos , nasi lemak and refreshing drinks to cool down ourselves on the hot day.

 The day was really busy as the clubs were promoting their food to the fellow students. There were people singing and dancing as the YE Club had taken orders from students for roses and songs. As the day came to an end , the clubs packed up and cleaned the assembly point which was used for the sales , making sure there was no rubbish.

  It was a fun day for all the students although most of them went home and straight away took a nap.

By: Adrinn Goh

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Program Jom Sekolah 2019

On the 18th of February 2019, marks our very first curricular assembly of SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3) history and the launcing of Program Jom Sekolah. Since early January, our principal, Pn Zuraidah, announced during regular assembly that we would have a curricular meeting on every third Monday of the month. Not only that, students are required to wear their designated uniforms from their curricular unit.

The morning started with the students assembling wearing their uniforms at the multi-purpose hall. Soon after that, the teachers started coming in the hall along with a few police officers. By 7:30am, our very first curricular assembly commenced. The assembly started with a few words from our principal. After 10 minutes or so, she welcomed one of the police officers that attended to the pedestal on stage. He talked about cases nowadays, students getting kidnapped by strangers or being bullied in school by upperclassmen. He strongly adviced us to take care of our safety during and after school and also urged us to stay in school and not be involed with gangsterism activities as it can lead us to the wrong path. He then concluded that students safety is an upmost priority for each of us students. By 8.15am, assembly ended.

I hope that the students would take the policeman’s advice on student safety to heart.

By: Farah Azwanilda

Monday, 25 February 2019

Chinese New Year Celebration 2019

 On the 1st of February 2019, SMKBUD3 held its very own Chinese New Year Celebration. It was on a Friday and started after recess which was at 11am. The celebration started off with our national anthem Negaraku followed by a speech by the principal Pn Zuraidah and by the Yang Di Pertua Ketua PIBG Mr Kalairasu. The respective speeches was about the importance of celebrating Chinese New Year and the meaning behind every Chinese Zodiac. After that was the launching of the Chinese New Year Celebration. 

We began the the celebration with performances. The first performance was a tradisional tarian kipas. It was very entertaining and rather immersive. They used colourful fans to dance with and the dancers looked extremly gracefull when they were dancing. This was followed with a duet. The performance was some real ear candy. There was also a performance done by the Chinese Society Club. They danced their way to our hearts. The second last performance was a performance by a Gaohu, a Chinese instrument which is similar to the Erhu. The Gaohu Master played 3 songs. The first song was extremly graceful. The second song was a balland type of song. The song tells us a love story about a boy and a girl during Chinese New Year. The third song was a rock song. The Gaohu master was playing rifts that you would hear on a guitar. 

 This caught the attention of many students and teachers. A big round of applause was give to the Gaohu master. There was also a Quiz about Chinese New Year to students and teachers. Every question answered correctly, the teacher or student was rewarded with an ampao. The final performance was a staple Chinese New Year performance which was a lion dance. This wasn’t some ordinary cheap lion dance performance. Stunts were done such as jumping on high podiums, jumping with one leg and flipping from podium to podium. The celebration ended around 12:15pm. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and went home with happy faces.

By: Nimalen Nagarajah

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Merentas Desa 2019

It was a faithful Friday morning, on the 25th  of January 2019 when SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3) organised their annual Merentas Desa for 2019. All students throughout Form1 to Form 5, were instructed to wear their following house T-shirts such as the yellow house tshirt and so on. Though it would be a tradition for the upper forms to involve themselves for this event, they felt a burning passion to do their very best as it would be one of their last years doing so.

The route for this years merentas desa has not changed since the last few years. Students would be running around the Bandar Utama area, passing by Centrepoint, SJK(C) Puay Chai and Effingham. Teachers as well as a few policemen were stationed along the route to ensure the students safety during the run. All together, the total distance of this route would be around 3km.

The morning started at 8 am with a few words from our principal, Pn Zuraidah, and soon passed on the event to Cikgu Syukri to explain the rules of the run. He explained that both the boys and girls would be separated into 3 categories according to forms. The girls would be released first, by the lowest form to the hjghest, then followed by the boys. Other than that, Cikgu Syukri advised the students to stay clear off the roads and to be careful when running on slippery surfaces to avoid any injury.

By 8.20am, the presidents of each house were requested to lead the warm up before the run. After a few stretches, P3 was called out to get ready by the school entrance to begin the race. They were then followed by P2 after a 2 minute interval and the other categories so on. After 10 minutes since P3 was released, the L1 category finally was able to begin after waiting for the L3 and L2 categories to leave the school compound. 

After 50 minutes or so, the students came back to school sweaty and exhausted from running but once they reached school, they had to run to the school's basketball court to get a placing in their category. Once people started to return to school, they found that there were people selling cool drinks near the canteen . Once the teachers concluded that all the students arrived back to school, they let everyone off for recess. In the meantime, the teachers counted the points collected by the students during the run according the sports houses.

 After an hour long recess that began at 10am, everyone had to assemble at the shaded basketball court . Pn Zuraidah thanked the students for being enthusiastic in completing the run. Soon after that, the results of the race were announced which brought everyones' adrenaline rising. All the houses did their own signiture cheer to spark enthusiasm into every member. With adrenaline running high, the teachers announced the total marks collected and each houses placing. Blue house nabbed first place, following by green house in second which differed by one point with yellow house which placed in third and finally with red house in fourth. Though some were not satisfied with their house pacing, they vowed to work much harder in the upcoming sports day to take their rightful place in first. 

Speaking as a true fan of our schools’ sports day, i cant wait for what might happen on sports day on 4 April. I hope it would be as exciting as last year. Who would know if the tables would turn again?

By: Farah Azwanilda

Friday, 15 February 2019

Valentine’s Day

 Valentine’s Day is a special day for not just lovers but love in general. Whether it be philia love or pragma love. Not many people know this but there are many types of love.
Eros: Love of the body.
Philia: Love of the mind. Also know as brotherly love.
Ludus: Playful love.
Pragma: Longstanding love.
Agape: Love of the soul.
Philautia: Love of the self.
Storge: Love of the child.

 If you don’t have anyone to celebrate valentines with you are not alone. Many people believe just because they don’t have a date or a significant other they will be lonely or unloved for Valentine’s Day. We have to understand that there is always someone who is constantly giving love to us whether it be our wives, ancestors, parents , siblings or friends. We cannot deny the fact that we are being constantly loved by others no matter how unloved or lonely we feel.

With that I would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day. 

By: Ethan Richard

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