Thursday, 26 July 2018

Book Fair Shah Alam

Every library has a source of getting its books. The best way to obtain books is from a book fair as it is cheaper than normal bookstores. Last week, a group containing a few librarians and probates (including me) went to the Shah Alam Book Fair to get some new books for the library. It stated early in the morning when students went to their classes as usual for the first one hour. After that, all the volunteers gathered at the canteen to get ready. We were separated into different groups. My friends and I were with two librarians who were Lim Wye Yee and Loh Sim Yi. After we were sorted, we went to the bus. After the headcount, we waited a short amount of time only to reach our destination. We filled a form and then waited to be allowed in. we were instructed to look for reference books to help students that were weak in certain subjects. We also got some more interesting storybooksfor the library. A few times I got lost but I found my group again. I found a few books and also found robots. No, not the ones you might see in Terminator. They were really small robots. We were allowed to try them out. Even though we were supposed to play mini soccer with them, my friends and I ended up making them fight each other. Then, we got back to work. After a few hours of this, we were finally done. We went to a McDonaldsoutlet and ate. After that we had another bus trip back and everyone went library. Pn Azuratold us about the importance of Nilamespecially for exams. Then at 3 o ‘clock, we all went back home.

By: Nimalen Nagarajah

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Minggu PSS

On the 26th till 30th of April , the librarians had the librarian week sales and many type of delicious food were sold. For example , crepe , pocket pizza , meringue , corn and many more. The librarians and probates had worked together to make it successful. 


The sales were located at the canteen and many students of SMK BU3 had bought the food sold by the librarians. Many people bought the cookies and corn as it was said they were very delicious and the price was reasonable. The lemonades were also a successful hit because most of the days in Malaysia are really hot and so the lemonades had cooled our throats. 


The most coolest thing about the sale was that all the food that was sold are made by the librarians themselves. This proves that our librarians have many other talents too! By the end of the week , we gained a lot of profit. All the profit we had collected from the sales will be used for Librarian Annual Dinner which will be held in August .


It was a wonderful experience for taking part in this activity as it has brought me closer to the fellow senior librarians. As a probate , I had learn a few things during this librarian week sales. I hope we will have more sales like this in the future as we can grow closer and learn more things.

By: Alis Qistina

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