Monday, 20 May 2019

SPM Result Day 2019

 On the 14th of March 2019 , the ex-seniors of SMK BU3 have revisited their school to collect their highly anticipated SPM results which they have been waiting since last year . Most of them came earlier than they should so they can greet their beloved teachers who have taught them a lot throughout the years.

  The students and their parents gathered at the basketball court which has been decorated with balloons and flowers . The principal of SMK BU3 started the ceremony with a speech to thank for all the hard work by the teachers and students who have thrived before SPM 2018 . Shortly after the speech , the students finally collected their results.

  Some cried and some were hugging their parents. Despite the amount of As they got , they were still proud of their results. Not to mention , the amount of students that successfully have gotten straight As for their results were 20 people which has broken the record of straight As SPM students for the previous years in SMK BU3.

  The day ended when all the students have collected their results. Overall , it was a good day for everyone.

By: Adrinn Goh

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