Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Be You! Tree

It's all becoming a reality! With the pilot slated for October, the Be You! Tree would soon reach the hands of the student body. Articles, columns and a whole load of fun stuff is waiting to be printed off.

The newsletter is like the monthly version of the annual school magazine. It features events that happened during the month before and some interesting articles. There would also be an advice column, horoscopes, birthday shout-outs, art work, comics, puzzles and much more!

Wanting advice for your problems in school? Write to our advice column, and you could get a solution that would work for you. Just use a pseudonym. We will change the names of friends, if mentioned. We won't tell them, as to not compromise your privacy

Your BFFs birthday just around the corner, and don't know just what to give? Why not send a birthday shout-out, alongside your name, your friend's name and birthday. Don't forget your shout-out. Keep it nice, simple and short. It would definitely be the best thing they've ever gotten!

Think it's time to unleash that creative stroke of genius? Send your masterpieces to us with your name and title to the e-mail below.

Have a hand in drawing hilarious cartoons? You're in luck, because we are also looking for in-school cartoonists. Got a funny comic to share? Submit it to us, any maybe you would be an overnight sensation! Don't forget your name (or a pseudonym) and title of your work. Just don't make it anti-teacher (no matter how wacky those teachers may be)

Living true to our name, we really would appreciate any suggestions for new columns or any adjustments. It is YOU that makes up The Be You! Tree, it is YOU that makes the difference. Just tell us at

The Be You! Tree is a subsidary of the Library, and would be handled by the Unit Warkah in the Librarian body, which coincidentally, is made up of the blog administrators (Isn't that great? :). With that, I can say, we look forward to publish the newsletter and capture the spirit that is SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3)

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