Monday, 14 May 2012


Yikes! Exams here already! No matter what post you hold, no matter what organisation you join, examinations still haunt you. Have you studied? Yes? No? Whatever it is, let me share a bit on taking exams:
  1. Don't panic! Breathe calmly, and don't freeze up like a Popsicle on a winter's day. It's not your fault they are here, it's just sadistic teachers wanting to freak you out.
  2. Don't go into denial. You CAN do it, because it should all be at your fingertips.
  3. Study. This is the most essential bit. Get a timetable, make yourself calm (but not too comfortable) and just revise. Do lots of mock questions, so that you can mock the questions on the day itself (Take that, sadists!)
  4. Discuss. Don't just stand there like a llama. Get your best buds and discuss. Ask what you don't know, and you will be clarified, tell them. If they ask you back, tell them, because it would help you remember better.
  5. Sort out the technical stuff. Pencils, pens, correction tape, paper, compasses, the list is endless! Just make sure you don't run out of any of these during the exam itself.
  6. Hope for the best. Someone once said that hope and action both would let you achieve success, and that one without another would not be as perfect as you would've thought
With that, best of luck, and bonne chance!

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