Wednesday, 1 August 2012

PMR trials are here!

Guess what day it was yesterday besides it being Harry Potter's birthday and also Warrior's Day? Yes, today is this blog's first anniversary! Happy belated first birthday, little old blog. One year on, and a whole lot more to go! There have been many things it has showcased for a year, and a great deal in the future too. With almost 2,000 views, I say it is a commendable achievement for it and this blog is in no danger of being dead (so yay :).

Also, today marked the beginning of the PMR examination trials. With that, it marks an expected increase of the usage of the Library ( so to all Librarians, perform your duties and step it up!). I'm pretty confident that the third formers, especially the members of our organisation (including the other administrator) would do well. I just want to say good luck and follow my advice from May written below because I know it all and you must listen to what I say as your senior (just kidding :p)

Ad successu nos operari simul

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