Thursday, 13 September 2012

Inspection time!

Today, the Library was inspected by officials, long-awaited ones that we Librarians have been working weeks on preparing for. Everything from the filing, the books, the charts, even this blog came under their scrutiny! It is simply too much to blurt out all at once.

In recent weeks, the Library has been closed to students and teachers alike. Cast aside their grumbling, this is not because of some whim or fancy, but because of what is happening on the inside. It was such a mess, frankly speaking.

First, we did a general clean-up. No need of some person barking orders, for everyone has that volunteer spirit in them, sincerely doing all the hard work. Carrying astronomical piles of books, re-wrapping the tables, sweeping the floor: that was some workout. Meanwhile, some others looked through the filing, and it was chaos in there too. This missing, that needing complementing: it was like a treasure hunt.

Slowly, but surely, the library shaped up. Boards were decorated with prim pieces of information, artwork displayed like it was an avant-garde gallery, it was a fine sight. Though a few things were broken in the process ( that's a different story), it certainly got us to tip-top condition.

As the date grew nearer, everyone was running amok, putting on the finishing touches; the reading pathway stocked up with magazines,signs pasted all throughout the school . Finally, today, the fated came.

A group of three officials came with the morning breeze. They stood calmly as we greeted them, beckoning them to sign our book of distinguished guests. They looked impressed with out Library, the stacks of chaotic filing arranged into neat rows of categorised data. They inquired much, and were in fact all-too-eager to allocate marks for us. One official even gave recommendation on how to ace through certain criteria!

As suddenly as they came, they left after a brief look-through. They were certainly warm, and we Librarians are relieved of the burden that has been on our shoulders for such a long time. As we wind down, we wait for the verdict...

P.S. The pictures will be up soon, so stay tuned!

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