Thursday, 12 January 2017

A Visit to the National Library of Malaysia

On the 12th of January 2017, the Librarians of SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3) had a trip to the National Library of Malaysia,. We reached the place at around 11:00AM

We were amazed at how big the building was and how many floors it had. To kick-off the tour, we went to a small exhibition at the ground floor, there was information about the history of the National Library and historical books.

Next, we went to the e-library. We were amazed by the concept of it. Books could be searched and read through a tablet, which makes it very convenient!

After that, one of the staff members there there guided us to every floor of the library. Each floor was very spacious. There were many different sections of the library. There was a floor specifically for books written by Malaysians and another one for international books only. The books were arranged very neatly and there was almost every book you could ask for!

There was a floor for surfing the web as well. Many computers were there, along with earphones so that anyone could watch a video without bothering others. All of the devices were up-to-date and in prime condition!

After that, we were brought into a room to watch a video documentary about sea animals. It was very interesting and personally, I really enjoyed the documentary.

We left the National Library around 12:00PM and went back to class after once we got back to school. It was a good educational visit and the place definitely left everyone in awe.

By: Lim Sheanni

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