Saturday, 18 November 2017

"83 years" read the clock

"That's longer than the average human" I thought as I pulled my sleeve over my watch and put my luggage in the compartment.
I was 18 years old and until now, I couldn't pick a side.
You see, the world was in controversy, and there were two parties involved, For PTP, were people who wanted the personal timepiece in their lives, those who supported the goverment's decisions to deem it compulsory to constantly have this piece with you. FPTP's argued that the watch could help save lives, that by counting down the time you have left on Earth, it could prevent you from being in a threatening situation.
The opposition however, claimed it was basic human rights to have the option to -

"Trays up, we're going to take off soon" I heard the flight attendant say as I handed her my empty glass of water, not realising I'd been zoning out.
When she continued down the aisle, I resumed my thoughts.

Anyways, the opposition argued they should have the right to choose for themselves whether they wanted to have that timepiece or not, that a clock counting down the moments you have left on Earth only ensures you don't live the life you were supposed to, don't make the decisions you were supposed to, don't have the story you were supposed to.
But on the other hand, the Earth is already underpopulated as it is and I'm not too against the idea of the government taking extreme measures to ensure our survival.

I took a break from my thoughts and allowed myself to rest my eyes, remembering I'd been deprived of sleep.
16 hours to go before we land. I looked out the tiny window next to me to see the South Pacific Ocean.
Even 40,000 ft in the air, the ocean was enthralling to look at. I made a mental note that in the 83 years my timepiece claimed I had left to live, I would pay a visit to one of the pristine beaches of South Africa.

While I searched for my headphones to distract myself from turbulence, I felt a buzzing on my wrist, followed by a beep.
A chorus of beeps. Then I realised the high pitched sound came from more than one timepiece.

Everyone had 12 minutes to live,
Above 40,000 ft in the air
The damn plane was going to crash.

By: Shveenita Alyza
Published by: Ethan Richard

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