Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bibliotheque Nouvelle!

As I have said previously, the Library has been renewed in this year, like the phoenix rising out of the ashes. Pn. Tan, our previous School Resource Centre Coordinator, has stepped down as the third in the school's history. We now welcome the technocratic Pn. Sabrina, who has been working in the background as the Teacher-In-Charge of the Library. She was the temporal advisor to the Unit Warkah (rebranded as the Bulletin Unit), and now she advises the entire School Resource Centre Prefect Body.

As of now, the Librarians are recruiting new probationary Librarians, another healthy number of applicants, so I've been in told. The application forms are due before the 12th of January, and general meeting for all Librarians, existing and aspiring, would commence on that day itself. An influx of talents, that's what this organisation needs.

Speaking of which, our newsletter has been in editorial limbo for much of the past year (considering that it was only pioneered last year), but with the principal's blessing and generous sponsors, it would finally take off as the ultimate representation of the student body (and an expression of our creative juices). Let 2012 be our year of reckoning, and one of great accomplishments.

Speaking of which, I have heard that, in a Prefects' private meeting with the Principal, our organisation has been mentioned as the superior (though I think it is more of a rhetorical device to further spur the Prefects' morale, but it would indirectly widen the Prefect-Librarian gap of rivalry). Even so, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, let it get to our heads, my fellow Librarians. Improve on our weaknesses and champion our strengths, that is what we should do.

Before I go, please support this logo. We, at the Bulletin Unit, would like a promulgation that this logo would be our pioneering emblem and be used extensively to add to the glory (which is not that much to amount to a prestigious organisation, but alright for a young one) that is the Library.

Unto the other (but titular) administrator of this blog: You are what you write, for the pen is sharper than the sword. If you want simple language, there is a vacancy of a blogger that a librarian could fill in this blog, okay?


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