Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Kalendis Ianuariis! (Am I late?)

2012, another year. The second year of the second decade of the first century of the third millennium, so what's the big deal? Other than the completion of a Mayan calendar cycle and alleged herald of New Agers, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and what not, years come and go too fast, if you asked me. Janus, WHERE ARE YOU! (stomp off).

While my alter ego stomps off to a god who would most likely never respond to his complaint, maybe we should get back down to Earth (to the Library, to be more specific), renewal would be rampantly brought forth in light of this year. Promising, as it seems, to any school student, on the quest of knowledge (and dreaded exams). With 2012 comes a tumultuous time for our world, nation and community. The Protester, chosen as Time's Person of the Year 2011, augurs a fall on the War on Terror. Election fever is fast becoming a national pandemic and sweeping reforms in the bureaucracy. The medium of instruction hubbub, Abolition of PMR, incentives, et cetera. It is truly a handful to even mention. The world is fast changing as the dragon wakes up to devour the eagle, calling for a new East-oriented world order, with ancient organisations and hierarchy in a sink-or-swim situation

With that, I would simply end this post. Like that. Yes, like that. I know it is terribly shot for my standard, but it is just .... What? (bickering into a full-blown feud)

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