Friday, 30 March 2012

Still waters run deep...

A quiet March, it seems, judging from this blog; so logical conclusion, a BORING MONTH? Right? Correct?

Well you are absolutely........WRONG!  Though we are called to keep the Library quiet, our organisation is ANYTHING but quiet (literally). A cliched quote goes, 'Still waters run deep', and that is quite true, for this is what we are. a happening, bustling, paradoxical organisatiuon!

For March, it is the time for tactical planning, time to reinvigorate the Library, so that the next month, it is time for Library Week! 

On the first week of April, as school custom and almanac dictates, the Library organises a Library Week to spread the awareness of the Library and its benefits to the school, and ultimately to society as a whole.

This year, the Library is going to have a Scrabble competition, a book bazaar, a quiz about the Library, a picture quiz, countless sales and a film screening. Each Unit is assigned to run one of these activities to make the week a total success.

Being one of the most important student bodies in the school, the Librarians are to run the activities, and this would be a taster of event-organising for the future. And with such a big event going, meticulous planning is definitely needed; and that is definitely vital in running a student organisation like this.

For us at the Newsletter Unit, we would be organising the Scrabble competition alongside the Inventory Unit, the backbone of the entire Library. As Head of the Newsletter Unit, the Head of the Inventory Unit and I have trial the game, formulated the rules, briefed and sourced materials, hired adjudicators, and scoured the school for participants. It was gruelling, but I'm pretty sure that the High Committee has it harder than us.

Anyways, currently there are no pictures, but I promise I would put up some soon. Really soon, so aye...

Ad successu nos operari simul!

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