Monday, 21 July 2014

Librarian Annual Dinner 2014

Once again it is time for the Librarian Annual Dinner for the year 2014. The time when you say goodbye to the senior Librarians for 5 long years of service and say hello to the new Librarians that was elected. The time for sorrow and sadness, yet also the time for happiness and rejoice. The Librarian Annual Dinner was set at Tropicana Golf and Country Resort on the 21st of June 2014.

The event kicked off when the guest entered the hall. After the guest have settled down, our master of ceremonies (MC) invited Quek Zuoo Yuon to give a speech on his overall experience as a Librarian. Next, the MC’s invited Puan Sabrina, our Library Coordinator on stage to share the achievements that our Library has made. The guests were then allowed to the buffet table. A great variety of scrumptious food was served.

For the more entertaining bit of our event, mass suspense was created in the murder mystery game, planned by the committee. We also had a memory game to keep our guests entertained. Besides that, we also have fantastic performances done by some of the Librarians themselves. One of the performances would be the 5 Shades by Kang Ling, Felicia, Wey Sern, Rachel and Melanie. Not to forget, Serene Khoo performed ballet, a dance that was sure to have out us in a trance – in a good way of course!

We had lucky draws at intervals. The committee have outdone themselves with amazing prizes up for grabs. Prizes such as Starbucks vouchers, a frisbee, thumb drives, bags and more - but the most anticipated grand prize was … the Beats headphones!

It was fun, but what happened behind the scenes was even greater. The committee had immense fun planning the murder mystery game, doing a last minute comedy skit and other really crazy things that won’t be mentioned here. The whole event was basically to commend the seniors for every ounce of effort to make the Library what it is today. With that said, there was a farewell, with the seniors standing in a line and all the Librarians going to each and every one of them to give them a hug and maybe a few words. It was a bittersweet moment.

By: Jesper Huang

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