Monday, 7 July 2014

Why I Love Reading

I love reading because it helps me relax after a long tiring day of studying and forget all my problems. It’s also a terrific way to spend your time when you have nothing to do.

Reading is actually an excellent way to improve your vocabulary in any language. Some people think that reading is not entertaining or fun and they would rather spend their money on video games than buying books. Well, let me tell you that reading books have a lot of benefits and one of them is that it will improve your essay writing.

Nowadays, with all the cool technologies, books no longer exist in most children minds. All they ever spend time on is watching cartoons, going on the internet, playing video games. These things do not help you improve your vocabulary. In the olden days before televisions, computers, video games or any electronic devices were invented, most children enjoys reading. Now, because of all the advanced technology, most people no longer have an interest in books.

Books can help us relax after a long exhausting day at school. Here are some of my favourite authors.

Enid Blyton is a well-known author around the world. She wrote a lot of books that kids love and enjoy for generations. For instance, The Faraway Tree is an adventurous story with magical creatures that live up in a very old and magical tree and act in the most bizarre ways. At the very top of the tree are uncountable different lands which changes every time. Furthermore, a well-known book series written by Enid Blyton is The Famous Five, which is about four cousins and a dog who solves mysteries together.

Meg Cabot is another famous author and one of my favourites. She writes books that everyone - especially teenagers - love. She wrote the Princess Diaries series, Teen Idol, Avalon High and lots more books. Her books are so fascinating that you can’t stop reading!

There is also the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series written by Jeff Kinney. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is actually a diary revolving around a character in the book - Gregory - and what goes on in his life.

When I read any of these books, I am always taken away from the real world and I follow the characters in the book - where they go and what they do. This made me think of happy thoughts. Interesting books makes me feel like I am in a magical world where magical creatures come alive. During the holidays, besides studying or watching television for the whole day, spend some time reading the kind of books that you like and let your imaginations go wild!

Reading helps me relax as well as it improves my language. I hope that everyone can learn to see the enjoyment of reading like I do. Oh, by the way, I have read 49 books on my ‘Kindle Paperwhite’ device since April 2014.

By: Celine Wong

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