Sunday, 20 November 2011

First :) then :( but :S so :?

Randomly blogging, I guess, at this hour of utter liberty. Just been pondering on the title above (some random brainchild, I guess). I know this is so unprofessional, but the blog is pretty unprofessional anyway, so there.

In the final days of the first year in the second decade of the third millennium A.D., one just could seem to drift along. The Arab Spring just came and gone, a series of disasters, the beatification of a popular pope, a marriage of one of the world's most wanted bachelor, a creation of the new nation of South Sudan, economic collapse of the European Union, just to name a few events of 2011. I know I sound like a news junkie, but that is simply one way to measure time passing by. One could not help but feel like a spectator of the wider world.

Coming down to more digestible ( though more petty) events, the School Resource Centre itself has gone through some significant changes. Rearranging, restructure, re-aspire, reevaluate, rediscover... aye, that's a lot of re-s. The pinnacle of every social organisation is always dynamism. Form, reform, counter-reform, re-counter-reform, revolution, counter-revolution and the (somewhat crazy) cycle goes on. It's all human nature, I guess

So, henceforth is the end of this short post. Not just posting for the sake of posting, but hoping that the aspiring cyber-archaeologist would come and read this (somewhat pointless) post.

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