Friday, 25 November 2011

Thought visualising (and no, this is highly unscientific)

Seven words. I. Want. To. Be. In. The. Library. Oh, I forgot. EXCLAMATION MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Random, right ;P)

Immersing myself in the vibes of Zee Avi's island indie pop, far from the school, on an exotic island ; writing, studying, and running wild in the forest (though not all at once) I just realised something, I want to know what's happening in the Library right now.

Just last night, I was just sleeping soundly, when my colleague messaged me, asking me whether I can come today to usher in visitors from Indonesia. I got my hunch on a twinning program with an Indonesian school, but alas. she knew not. Too bad travelling can be such a hassle, so I can't go. Could've looked spiffy in my uniform, and just stand there overhearing whatever they say.

Well, all's done, and they've left. Now to grill some witnesses and get the facts. Or just imagine their pacing and incessant questioning, the Librarians just smiling like they are part of the wall. But then again, a comical mind could conjure a crazy inferno and everyone got saved by an unsuspecting portal into a book, which diverted them back into this dimension. (and maybe, just maybe, there were aliens who got allergic to books and sneezed the school apart, or maybe, nope, not that one, or perhaps...)

On an entirely different topic, one can't deny that somehow one feels left out in any social organisation for that matter. You get pushed out in favour for a more popular candidate, then get dumped at a miserable post as 'compensation'. Somehow, there are always slackers and defamers that pull you down with incessant drama. Nepotists and cronies, dictators and criticisers, hypocrites and empty tins; it just makes everything so un-egalitarian. Just imagine when left-wing and right-wing come clash in the general meeting, fiercely debating, the quiet and meek come and take over, as the Olympians with the Titans.

Oh, have I said too much again? Well, ciao!

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