Sunday, 27 November 2011

I'm back from the dead, brah.

Hello beautiful people. :) It's me, the administrator who single-handedly created and designed this blog herself but is too busy to update it so she shoved the duties to the other administrator who has been regularly blogging on this blog.

SPM examinations started a week ago and so did the duty shifts during this period. All I know is that they painted the walls, washed the curtains, updated the inventory, etc. Just wanted to say a sincere thank you to the people who are kind enough to come to school on a holiday to carry out their duties. Your hard work is very much appreciated.

I think I shall end my post here as I don't have anything else in particular to write and I am busy updating my own. If you are interested in visiting my blog, you can just find the user named Dai-An-Nah on the shout box and click on my name. You'll be there shortly. Unless your internet connection is slow. Just don't stalk me, okay?

PS: I'm sorry. I shall update this blog more often.
PSS: Thank you to those who have been reading this blog.  We love you :) 

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