Sunday, 10 February 2013

Friendship Day

Friendship Day sales has finally arrived , and all the Librarians were as busy as bees helping out. With a lot of effort put into preparing the wares (they are all hand-made, you know), we were all set to sell and make money! The sales had gone on for three days, that is from Wednesday unil Friday, and I must say, we did quite well ... I mean very well. Loads of people stop by at our makeshift stall to check out the stuff we were selling, as we try to capture their attention to buy our trinkets. I daresay we were neck-at-neck with the Young Enterpreneurs, who regularly monopolise this event's sales.

Basically these were what we sold:
Cute cupcake keychains (too bad they aren't edible): RM 4.00

Chocolate bundles: RM 1.50 (50 sen off if you're a chocoholic :P)
Balloons (shaped into anything imaginable): RM 0.50 per balloon (shaping service inclusive)

Intricate bookmarks: RM 10.00 (small) - RM 13.00 (big)

Handphone chains (to spice up that plain old handphone): RM 5.00

Tissue flowers (okay, this is not the actual picture, but they do resemble these): RM 1.00

Bears d’amitie (c’est français): RM 5.00 (magnet) – RM 6.00 (keychain)

Pleated wristband: RM 4.00

Cookies (deliciously top-secret recipe, you know): RM 3.00 per packet, but RM 5.00 for two packets (a sweet deal, if you ask me)

Basically, we had brisk sales, especially with the cookies (it virtually disappeared into thin air, and turned into money before anyone realised it :P)

I don't know how much money we made but I know that we Librarians had great fun selling! Pictures will be uploaded soon. That’s all for now, so yeah.

If you missed the sales, don’t worry, because Library Week is coming soon, so get ready your shopping money, and stay tuned!

P.S: To those who bought our wares, thank you for supporting us! Your money will be used to maintain the Library and keep it running.

P.P.S: To all the librarians that helped out, thank you for your efforts, because without you, our sales wouldn’t be such a success!

Laura Seo

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