Sunday, 20 January 2013

Orientation day!

Good day to everyone reading this. Since I was one of the librarians there during the orientation, I was entrusted with the duty of writing this. I procrastinated on this... partly because I’m feeling weighed down by school work and partly because I’m a sad, ‘inexperienced’ teacher...

But here it is! Enjoy reading what happened during on the 31st of December, 2012!

Just two days before the first day of school, the school held an orientation for the first-formers to give them a head start. With their new school uniforms and their nervous faces, the new students looked extremely cute! They reminded me of myself during my orientation 4 years ago, but that is another story.

Being new to the school, they seemed lost with their nervous eyes wandering around the unfamiliar surroundings. Some found their old friends and began to chat about their holidays, while some lost ones clinging onto their parents for dear life. Some of them don’t even know their classes! Poor things....

You may be wondering, why was I there when the orientation was held? Well, the school must have assumed that the poor first-formers would get lost on their first day in the school, so prefects and librarians to the rescue! Nope, I wasn’t there to escort them or whatnot, I, along with the few librarians on duty that day were busy as bees in the morning to clean the Library. It’s important to give a good impression of the library to the first-formers during their little ‘tour’ around the school.

The morning started off with a speech from the school principal, Puan Azizah followed by speeches from the vice principals, parent-teacher association representatives and the teachers. Also, it looks like we have a new discipline teacher for our school, Puan Gan. Well, I was shocked, to say the least... 

After the assembly, the prefects took the first-formers around the school for a ‘tour’. They’ll be visiting places like the laboratories and the Library before going to their respective classes. I’m not sure what happened to those without classes because we librarians retreated to the library to prepare for their arrival. After the Head Librarian gave us a short briefing, we waited patiently for the new students to arrive.

Time seemed to go by so slowly when you have nothing to do. When we were almost bored out of our minds, the prefects told us that the first-formers are not visiting the library. Well that’s just dandy! All our hard work preparing the library for them was for nothing! Oh well, at least the library looks clean and pristine.

Apparently, they went into their classes to receive their textbooks, without dropping by the library! D: 

Well, that's all from me

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