Thursday, 30 May 2013

Words of Wisdom...

Carissa Ho Sheng An,
Treasurer (2013)
‘All your dreams may come true, only if you believe in them.'
Walt Disney

Somewhere in January 2010, I remember walking into Pn.Tan's office as a scrawny 14 year-old, wondering what was I getting myself into, becoming a Librarian and all. A few of the seniors told me to keep calm and do my best. I smiled weakly and nodded although I was anything but calm on the inside. Oh well, I stepped into Pn.Tan's office and answered a bunch of questions and somehow I got out alive!

A few days later, I was so relieved, because I managed to get through the interview! I bet it was a miracle of some sort, because I'm someone who is really shy and I'd rather hide behind someone’s shadow than take the spotlight. I kind of loathe the times when everyone  is on me, like when someone sing 'Happy Birthday' to you and you don’t know where to hide your face.

Anyways, my days as a probationary Librarian were probably some of the best and mind-blowing experiences I have been through. When our former Head Librarian [of 2011], Jin Hao, asked if there was anyone who wanted to take part in the drama for the Librarian Board's annual dinner, I don’t know what went wrong with me; or maybe a coconut knocked me in the head; as I mustered up all my courage and volunteered myself. It was really fun to take part in another one of Pravin’s [2012 Assistant Head Librarian] crazy dramas and I guess that was one of my life’s milestones. This incident broke that fear in me when it comes to expressing myself.

To cut this whole melodrama short, I passed the Librarian Qualification Examination and got to be a Librarian! I guess that was one of the happiest days in my life, though no one really knew it. The days after that were even crazier than before, as I got to make even more new friends, meet new people from all different walks of life, and go through all our ups and downs together, especially when someone may have some sort of conflict with others. When Brittany [2012 Head Librarian] announced in 2011 that I was appointed as the Assistant Treasurer , I had no idea what to do as fear crept up on me, but at the same time I was a little estatic. Hahahahaha :D. So, I guess from that day onwards I was the one who would go around chasing everyone to pay off your fees before they were due. Sorry if I was a bit harsh though, I was  just following orders….

The accounts were crazy at first, because the money didn’t tally and everything, but I soon got a hang of it when things took a turn for the better, and I realized that I actually like collecting money, which is kind of weird. So, good luck to the future Treasurer of the Library and hope that you’ll find the job as amusing as I did.

I know it’s cliché, but I became a Librarian with hopes of finding who I am, as I could meet new people and get to know the school in-depth.

I became a Librarian and found out that this place is made up of cool and awesome people who left the Library and new probationary Librarians who come in year after year.

I became a Librarian and learnt that, with unity and strength, we can overcome all obstacles together. By the way, some of you managed to rekindle your friendship,s no matter how ticked you off are of each other.( I forgot the exact situation but I think something like that did happen XP)

I became a Librarian and realized that Hui Shyen’s (Assistant Head Librarian) tagline; ‘We are a family'; might probably be true because, sometimes we are way cooler and share a bond like no other club in this school.

I became a Librarian and I feel that, after all these years as a Librarian, I have changed maybe a little in terms of my insecurity and shyness.

So, I guess I want to thank all of you in the Librarian Board who were there for me, through the good times and the hard times, as we strive to make the Library a better place. I promise that, [if you're considering of becoming a Librarian] you won't regret becoming a Librarian, even though it might have its downsides sometimes . I also wish all of the junior Librarians all the best, and hope they will never give up in anything.
Carissa Ho Sheng An,
Treasurer (2013)

This post is part of a series that will feature heart-warming posts from the members of the High Committee of the 2013 Librarian Board.

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