Sunday, 2 June 2013

2013: Life as a Probate

Hmm … Where should I begin? The journey in becoming a Librarian was definitely a long one. I guess I should start off from the interview with the Library Coordinator. It was nerve wrecking waiting for my turn to be interviewed. When my name was called, I slowly walked in the room, looking at the interviewers. So I introduced myself, saying my name, my class and why I wanted to become a Librarian. After a 10 minute interview, we shook hands and I left.

After a few weeks, I was notified of the fact that I am a probationary Librarian. In a blink of an eye, I must immediately adapt to the life of a Librarian. I must change my timetable to cope with the days that I am on duty or even having meetings. As a Librarian, we learnt to be more coordinative and wield a great responsibility. As a probationary Librarian, I must learn a great deal of knowledge in a short period of time. With the help of our seniors, we learnt to balance our studies, sports, clubs, and other activities and also have time for performing the responsibilities of a Librarian. Every year, the Librarians will organize an annual trip. This year, we went to Cameron Highlands, an amazing destination that attracts many tourists. The cool misty mountains are really refreshing [as compared to] the polluted air from the city.

But…there is one thing as a probationary Librarian fears, [that is] to pass the Librarian Qualifying Examination. Every single probationary Librarian is afraid of this one moment. Once failed; you are immediately expelled. Your fate in the Library Board is based on this one examination. I still remember the tension everyone was having before taking the examination, everyone being nervous wrecks, just waiting for it to be over. Thanks to the seniors who have taught us everything we need to know as a Librarian, I would say about 99% probationary Librarians pass the examinations Now that I think about it, it is not the examination that was causing the most mental anguish among probationary Librarians, [but] it was the time lapse between the examination till the moment we know whether we pass or fail. But being a Librarian, it’s like I know most of the students already. Also, being a Librarian doesn’t mean that we only arrange the books or shut people up. Instead, we, the Librarians, are highly involved in most of the school events. For instance, Entrepreneurship Day is coming up and we are hosting our very own haunted house. Every Librarian has to contribute something to make the haunted house … more… haunting?

What else can I say except [that] being a Librarian is a great experience for everyone! From learning something new to making new friends! It is definitely an amazing experience.

Probationary Librarian of 2013

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