Sunday, 13 October 2013

Before We Part...

As most of you know, another year is coming to an end. Not only have we made new friends and memories but we will be losing some too. Next year, the fifth-formers of 2013 will be gone, and these are some farewells, memories and advice from a few of the soon-to-be dearly missed fifth-formers... 

Wan Norlela Wan Sazali
It all started when I was in primary school, I wanted to become a Librarian so bad but sadly I didn't get to be one. I didn't know why I wanted to become a Librarian, the thought of becoming one amazed me (I know it's weird :P). Hence, I set a goal; I told myself I have to be a librarian in secondary school. In 2009, I went to the interview, I still remember that I was waiting anxiously for my turn, memorising our school's mission and vision, the dos and don'ts in library, etc. I'm assuming my interview went well, because a few weeks later my name was listed to be one of the probationary Librarians. I was so so happy, I can recall myself telling my best friend, Pricilla that it's the best day of my life, for the whole day, that it annoyed her I couldn't wait to go home and tell my parents too.

Soon enough, I was wearing the official Librarian uniform, and no words can describe how proud I was wearing the uniform. There are a lot of ups and downs I've been through throughout becoming a Librarian, and with all that experience, it had mould me to become the person that I am now. A few days ago, I asked myself again why I wanted to become a Librarian and I think I got my answer. It's because of the bond between the Librarians, the joy I had spending time with them and also the cheekiness from them.

Being a Librarian for almost five years has taught me a lot. I met tons of amazing people. I have gained so many new experiences that I never thought I will ever be experiencing in my life. I was never the person that really cared about what was happening around me, but after becoming a Librarian, I started to opened up a little; I started to embrace all the happy memories and made the bad ones as valuable life lessons. Leaving secondary school and the Library has to happen sometime. It's a phase that I have to go through. It taught me so much, how to behave like an adult, it also helped me academically. It helped me to think beyond my ability. I never really show that I'm sad about leaving the library but deep down, I am. Therefore, I'd like to thank everybody that have made this such an overwhelming experience. Thanks to my parents for the endless support, all the teachers that have given me this chance, all the senior Librarians that guide me throughout this whole process and last but not least all the Librarians for this wonderful journey.

To all the Librarians in Form V (including me) - I think we did a pretty good job being the seniors this year, don't you think? Bullying all the juniors muehehehehhe, just joking! (Maybe not) You guys are all awesome people and we'll be leaving secondary school soon, so I just wanted to say good luck for the SPM examinations and also the future! Always remember that you have to pass through fire before you get diamonds. I will miss all of you dearly.

To all the Librarians - Words cannot describe how amazing you guys are. Don't miss me too much okay? Hahaha; that's so vain of me. Anyways, continue working hard to make the library a more successful place, keep up the good work and good luck on everything you do. Will miss you guys a lot too :')

That's all from me, I love you guys, Messi love you guys too *wink* and goodbye!

Shaun Yuen
Hey everyone, I'm reallly glad to have been part of the Librarian family and I will always remember the memories we shared together. To be honest, this is my last year in secondary school, and although I've had some bad times, overall the ride has been quite happy.

Foong Han Chuen
Well, I would like to say that being a Librarian is great because it has tested me in a lot of ways, like being patient when I work; and I am thankful for my school and the Library because I can study in peace, especially when I'm away from home :P 

Hans Leong
All the best in all that you set your mind to do! Always remember to work hard, be kind, respectable and honorable at all times to uphold yourself, the library and the school. Work together as a family and support each other! Never give up, guys

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