Saturday, 12 October 2013

Co-curriculum Day 2013 - What a Day!

It was Co-curriculum Day on the 11th of October. Everyone gathered at the multi-purpose hall at 10.00 a.m. sharp. The teachers supervised some students to set up the sound system. Half an hour later, the event for the day has begun. The performers were getting ready and some of them were nervous. Everyone was very eager for it to start.

First up was our school band, that played three songs. Rolling In The Deep by Adele was the favourite of the crowd. Their performance caught the crowd’s attention as everyone cheered and clapped after their marvellous performance. Our school band practices a lot in order to give out such a splendid performance for everyone to enjoy.

Keshia Jasmine Ashaari, an international competitor in gymnastics, performed a solo gymnastic routine. Her remarkable performance wowed the audience. Next were the Wushudao members that gave an energetic performance. Wushudao is a martial art like Taekwondo but from China, instead of from Korea. They performed their demonstration, which was subsequently followed by a sketch.

Besides performances, outstanding teachers and students were given recognition for their achievements in co-currucular activities. Puan Nasiroh binti MD Yusof, Senior Assistant for Curriculum gave away the certificates to them. The Taekwondo performance was next on the list. Some of them showed us their special skill which is by breaking the piece of wood by kicking it. This totally wowed the jaded audience. A senior member of the troupe performed a dangerous act, as he jumped through the ring of fire and then broke a block of wood. For me, that was truly an extraordinary performance.

Safety always comes first, as before the performance, the cheerleaders got ready by assembling their safety mat to make sure it is safe before their performance. Cheer leading is a very dangerous and risky sport, though it does amuse the audience very much. Flyers were being tossed into the air; as the bases caught them carefully to prevent any injuries. This performance excites the audience.

The event will not be over without the school basketball team performance. They were showing off their skills, that they use in competitions. This was then followed by slam dunk! That is the basketballer players' specialty and everyone was amazed by their performance, and this day has come to an end. This yearly event was a success as everyone put their hearts and soul to produce such marvellous performances.

I believe that today was an exhausting day for everyone, especially for those who performed with such gusto. Today’s performances were marvellous, and we hope to see better ones next year.

Article in School Times, educational pullout in the New Straits Times

Celine Wong

P.S.: Down here are a few videos that show the excellent performances that wowed the audience that day

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