Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Inspection: A Short Note

It was just an ordinary day at school until Puan Sabrina came in to my class, 1 Kenanga. She called me out of the class along with Yue Li and Nisha. we went to the library and Yuk Tze was there too. Puan Sabrina explained that there would be an official from the District Education Office that were going to visit our school’s library. Our job was to wait for her arrival at the car park and show her to the library. When we reached the library, Puan Sabrina led her to a seat and began to introduce our library to her. She showed her some files, and some examples of the books we have in our library. There was also a projector to show the activities in the library. Meanwhile, we Librarians stood near the library entrance to inform the students that the library was temporarily closed for the day. After a while, the lady left and we helped Puan Sabrina to keep all the files, books and documents. The lady was actually here to rate the library for a competition of the best library in this district.

Yong Ying

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