Monday, 2 April 2012

Library Week 2012: Day I

Today is the start of the Library Week, and it started with ... rain! Sky, why today should you cry? With that, our opening ceremony would be postponed to tomorrow; so I shall cover that tomorrow.

Today, however, if the culmination of the Library Week preparations. The books for the book fair has arrived (and with their own porters this year!), and the Librarians are starting to sell cookies and soft drinks at the Canteen

What this post is basically about is the Scrabble competition today.

The English category took to the board today, some with over-enthusiasm for the game.

Basically, it was a roller coaster of ups and downs, words lashed out at one another to beat the clock.

This competition really brought out the deeply-implanted vocabulary of the players and chucked it into good use.

This game managed to raise awareness on the wide vocabulary of the English Language and its richness in everyday usage, alongside fostering strategic preplanned tactics and a little good sportsmanship.

The adjudicators too learnt a thing or two from this game, and hopefully the merits would be widespread and not in vain.

The champions for this game was 5 Teratai, followed by 3 Ixora as runner-up and 5 Orkid taking third place. Well done!

By the way, before I end this short post, the Be You Tree! shall be showcased on the noticeboard, waiting  for student feedback, and hopefully end our editorial limbo. Stay tuned, readers!

Ad successu nos operandi simul

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