Thursday, 5 April 2012

Library Week 2012: Day IV

Day four of the Library Week: momentum still running, its presence school-wide still being felt as the week moves on. For the day the Library has had a handful of activities for students to participate in and have fun as it strives to get the theme for this year across to the masses, which aims to ascertain that students would 'love and appreciate the School Resource Centre as a source of knowledge' and love it with all their minds and their hearts.

First off, a book review has been read at the morning assembly, describing the new books recently acquired by the Library, which would surely become some of the most borrowed books by students, and hopefully would spur on the reading habit amongst students; and who else to do this, if not our own Head of the NILAM Unit! This is proof that the Library has always been trying to keep its reading materials as current as possible to meet the demands of the ever-demanding interests of the students at large.

Then, today was the closing day of our soft drinks and cookie stall. In short, no more sweet goodies! Perhaps the Cookie Monsters within you has devoured the entire lot at one go, and maybe you didn't realise this; so we are officially revoking our invitation to Cookie Monster for the heinous crime of walloping a gazillion innocent cookies :). Even so, don't fear! Perhaps another time, soon maybe, that the sweet goodies will come back (just make sure Cookie Monster isn't around ;)

However, the book sales still isn't over, so all the bookworms out there can still come and get a few books in the Library. A huge array of books are still for sale, and there seem to be no end of the everlasting purchasing! If you still have not visited it yet, tomorrow is the last day of sales, so better grab this golden opportunity and grab a book for a reasonably affordable price!

For today, the Library ran a donation drive for the disabled and handicapped. The support was overwhelming, with some donations managing to weigh down the entire canister and the Librarian on duty. Many thanks to those who have donated, and for that we will make sure that all proceeds would go to the betterment of the disabled. Every little helps!

Finally, to sum up the day, a film screening had taken placed in the Media Room. Today's movie is 'Real Steel' and I'm pretty sure most of you know what is it about. It received a great turnout and it was a pretty good, if not awesome, film to watch.

With that, day four of Library Week is concluded and with one more day to go, stay tuned to the posts ahead...
Ad successu nos operandi simul

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