Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Library Week 2012: Day III

Mid-week already? Well, it always seems too fast during Library Week. Everything is so exciting with each day being filled with lots of activities!

First off, the usual sales of cookies and soft drinks has had a good response from the students, because who wouldn't want a packet of yummy cookies and an ice-cold cup of soda? Cookie Monster, come and get them, because they are only while stocks last!

The book sale went as usual, with students coming in and purchasing book after book after book after ... well, you get the point. Still, there are awesome books to buy, so come now whilst the sales are still on! Only two days left, you know!

Today, the second-formers took a word search and what conundrum it was! Looking for words in a maze of random letters require a sharp eye and a brain able to filter out those unnecessary words and look for a pattern. Bonne chance!

Also today, the film screenings started in the Media Room, starting with the horror flicker, 'The Victim' about a man lives alone in a remote cabin and is surprised by his visitors.Not satisfied with the synopsis? Watch it yourself! If you've missed the film screening today, don't worry, because there would be more films to be screened later this week.

With that, I conclude today's report with a happy Library Week and may you love and appreciate it always.

Ad successu nos operandi simul

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