Friday, 4 January 2013

Goodbye, Mr Mah!

He's the smile, yet the frown. He's the serious, yet the joker. He is feared, yet beloved. Who could ever fill these shoes, if not Mr. Mah?

Today marked his last day in school, and nobody would let it go unnoticed. At today's special assembly, everyone recounted his deeds and quirks, not letting him slip away unnoticed.

Though most will regard him as that strict disciplinarian, ready to punish wrong-doers at the blink of an eye, he actually cares for students as if they were his own children, up to the point of even pushing our parent-teacher association to bits just to provide more tables and chairs for us students!

Previously a head discipline teacher, he was promoted to a senior assistant for student affairs in our school. Most teachers (and close students) would agree that he is a lovable person, cracking jokes that would get anyone laughing. His voice would resonate throughout the school, as if it were the school talking itself.

Our beloved principal herself, Pn Azizah, even recounted his idiosyncrasies, slotting in advice for him to better undertake his new role as senior assistant for curriculum. Though it seemed strange that she would tell us all this in front of the whole school, it just goes to show how closely-knit they are in the 10 years they have collaborated.

As Mr. Mah himself spoke, he expressed his reluctance in leaving the school, up to the point that he even petitioned that he not be given the promotion! Hence, it is clear how he loves our school very much, and it will be odd without him around.

As the assembly grew to a close, gifts and mementos were given away, and the school wind band played 'Auld Lang Syne' for him.

All in all, we would wish him good luck and farewell!

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