Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

2012 has ended with such joy, don't you think? All that hype related to 21 December 2012 has finally been put to rest, and the school will reopen tomorrow. It'll be a fresh start, a new class, and another step in our academic journey. It's as if we've pressed the restart button on our year, queuing the annual events in a playlist to be heard again, and start anew.

Surely, resolutions will pepper our minds at this moment. Preparations are made to brave the new year. As a proverb goes, out with the old, in with the new. Opportunities will present themselves, as events ensue throughout 2013. All we can hope in is to do our best, and hope the year will richly reward us for our works.

Anyways, in the Library, our fifth form Librarians has left as their time in school has ended, their services rendered fruitful as their tenure expired. The grace period of the new High Committee will end, and the real work will start, as new recruits will be put on probation to replace the outgoing Librarians.

With the completion of the roof over our basketball courts, the second of the three steps has been taken to build our school assembly hall. Hence, rain wouldn't hinder us anymore in any of our outdoor activities, so it will be a boon for the school to get things running smoothly without any unforeseen interferences.

With that, I would end this post with a wish that 2013 will bring many a good thing for you readers out there. Until the next post, ciao! 

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