Monday, 1 April 2013

Saya, Kamu, Kita: Day I

1 April 2013

The sun rose with a golden glow, as the multi-purpose court came to life. Beside the stage, Librarians are all in frenzy, readying themselves for the great event of the day. It is the high point of the Librarian Board’s almanac, the week that we’ve been planning for: Library Week. This is an annual event, where Librarians raise awareness of the importance of the Library to the school, and also raise funds for its maintenance.

As the event started, our Coordinator, Pn. Sabrina, came to the rostrum first to give her speech. She declared that the theme for this year is, ‘Pusat Sumber: Saya, Kamu, Kita’ (‘Resource Centre: You, I, Us’). As she explained, the theme came to light as the Library is inseparable from the school, and vice versa. Hence, we should embrace unity and solidarity to bring each other to shared excellence for the greater good.

She also announced the line-up of activities for the week, with Scrabble play-offs on Monday and Tuesday, film screenings from Monday until Thursday, cookie sales from Monday to Wednesday, book sales from Tuesday to Thursday, and all of this is topped off with the trip to Cameron Highlands during the weekend.

After that, our beloved Principal, Pn. Azizah Yusoff, delivered her opening speech. She talked about how the school has recently acquired the cluster school status, and how the Library has played an indispensable role in making this success a reality. She also talked about the newly-published quarterly, ‘The Be You! Tree’ (edited by none other than the Publicity Unit), and encouraged the whole school to read it. With that, she opened the week, and got a tremendous applause.

Next, the administrators were invited to officiate the week with a loud bang, and true enough, the gargantuan party poppers resonated throughout the multi-purpose court. Librarians joined in the enthusiasm when they lifted up their placards, which almost screamed ‘Library Week!’

Following that, it was the presentation of gifts. As the Librarians presented a baffling bundle of white cloth, it seemed rather dull, but when it was unravelled, it was a detailed kaleidoscope of colours framing the theme for this year’s Library Week. Soon to follow was a collage of beans and paper flowers, which were equally eye-catching. This was so true that even Pn. Azizah lauded the Librarians for the artistic excellence demonstrated in the pieces.

Later, there was a recitation of a poem, entitled, ‘The Library Poem’, which perfectly captured what the Library is all about, with new adventures waiting in the pages of books. Last, but not least, everyone sang to the NILAM song, which ended the whole event on a high note.

During recess, cookie sales debuted, and what an instant sell-out it was! At first, you would see a huge basket of cookies, and then it was all gone within minutes! Oh, well; there were two more days anyways…

Meanwhile, in the Library, books were readied for the sales, which would start on Tuesday. Box upon box of books were loaded up to the Library, all in hope of getting some great sales.

In the Media Room, the four-day movie marathon has started after school, with ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ starting it all off. Though it was kind of childish, but you’d be surprised at how many bought tickets and watch the film!

Finally, our signature event, the Scrabble competition, took place with much gusto. 36 participants from all forms battled it out in the game that challenges both vocabulary and strategy. Today, the preliminary and quarterfinal rounds took place, and the whole cohort of 36 would be halved to 18 quarter-finalists, which would then be drastically trimmed to a mere 8 semi-finalists. There was that competitive aura in the air, but its resolution can only take place tomorrow.

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