Thursday, 4 April 2013

Saya, Kamu, Kita: Day IV

4 April 2013

As the week draws to a close, book sales are also wrapping up. Despite ending soon, the books still garnered a substantial sale, and the masses were still streaming in.

The film marathon finally reached its ending on a high note (literally) with ‘Pitch Perfect’. The room was filled to the brim with avid viewers enamoured by the ‘a capella’ rendition of many a famous tune. Everyone almost wanted to sing along, but as Librarians, it’s our job to keep it quiet.

With that, most would think that the week is basically over and done with, but one more activity lingered on: the trip to Cameron Highlands. With all the work throughout the year, don’t you think that we Librarians deserve a rest? Oh well, it just goes to show how much of a family we Librarians are.

As I end this post, I hope that the spirit espoused in the theme ‘School Resource Centre: You, I, Us’ would bring us all closer as we work together towards a greater success.

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