Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Saya, Kamu, Kita: Day III

3 April 2013

The third day kicked in with the book sales entering its second day. Though it flooded the library when it started, it still managed to attract quite a crowd. Books fill the tables as fast as they are snapped up, and sales are very encouraging, as the last day comes closer and closer.

As the recess bell rang, the cookie sales entered its last day, but the sales didn’t fail to disappoint. In fact, it ended with a spectacular bang! Though many have asked for the recipe to recreate the wondrous cookies, that secret is still zealously guarded, and the cookies have satisfied even the most discerning cookie eater. Thank goodness Cookie Monster missed the whole affair, lest he devour every last cookie in one mouthful.

The third day of the film marathon got on the heroic side with, ‘The Avengers’. Ticket sales have gone through the roof as students go by the dozens. If we had seating on the ceiling, they would’ve been full too, as everyone wanted to watch the heroes collaborate to save humanity (yet again).

With all this, who knows what tomorrow brings?

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