Sunday, 22 September 2013

10,000 Views: Jump for Joy!

Hello avid blog readers,

We have reached the grand 10,000 views! Thank you for everything, people, and continue to support us as we continue to give you more crazy content.

To celebrate this grand occasion, we Librarians recently went on a field trip, and this provided us fifth-formers with a great opportunity to relax and get all the stress out of our system. What way to do this better than to jump it out? Hence, we got jumping, and if you don't believe us (who of sane mind jumps in public for the sake of it, anyway?), scroll below:

By the way, the jumping got so contagious that it spread to the previous post. Hope it doesn't become a global pandemic :D Happy 10,000 views, everybody!

Pictures  by Yeoh Zi Qing and Diana Rodzi

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