Friday, 13 September 2013

2013 SPM Trial Examinations

The examination hall, the place where students make or break the grade...

As all of you know, every year there is a major exam for the fifth-formers, which is SPM [Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia]. The SPM trial examinations started on the 26th August 2013, and was ongoing till 9th September. The fifth-formers are studying very hard in order to get excellent results. Every single one of them knows that to get a good job in the future, it all depends on your SPM results for a start. SPM is like a prerequisite for university application.

Some people were well prepared for the trials because they studied continuously, and they also revised every day. Some people were not ready because they did last-minute revision. If we study a little bit every day, we won’t get so stress near our exams and we can remember more . Last-minute studying will only make us panic.

During the first day of the trial, some of the fifth-formers was really nervous and afraid that they will not get good results, where some of them were full of self-confidence and believe they will be able to do well in their trial. Those who started their revision earlier found this examination easier. Every teacher in the school wished the fifth-formers good luck, and hopefully everyone will pass their examinations with flying colours.

The fifth-formers are under tremendous pressure during this time. Those who wish to use their SPM trial examination results to get a scholarship to further their education are under a lot of pressure because it is not easy to get a scholarship. It is even more challenging to get a scholarship to further their studies overseas.

The fifth-formers is studying very hard at this time. The results depends on their effort and time spent on studying, as well as getting enough sleep and enough nutritious food to keep their mind alert.

Celine Wong

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