Sunday, 29 September 2013

Throwback!: Old Librarian Memories

Any familiar faces, anyone?

 Hello dear people,

As we enter the final months of 2013, I couldn't help but think of what 2013 has brought the Library and the Librarians. There was Library Week, the trip to Cameron Highlands, the tour of Rhythm & Hues Studios, the Haunted Library, our Appointment Ceremony, the Farewell Party and the excursion in the Forest Research Institute, Malaysia. All of these have brought us Librarians good memories and warm bonds of friendship as we work together towards success. All these events have been well-documented on the blog, and you can read about them as you click on the lovingly hyper-linked words above.

Anyways, my thoughts brought me a little further, back to the times when even our retired fifth-formers haven't even set foot in the school, and these memories were simply not around. Hence, after a fair amount of digging, I found four whole albums of pictures of these memories of old, and it has all been put up on our official Facebook page; so (if you are a senior ex-Librarian, please don't kill me for this) here they are, all for the browsing:

2006 Leadership and Team-Building Camp

2007 Trip to Cameron Highlands

2008 Leadership and Team-Building Camp

2008 Appointment Ceremony and Farewell Party

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