Thursday, 12 September 2013

A Horde of Minions on Sports Day?!

It was a rather sunny day at the Universiti Malaya Stadium. Our yearly sports day was on Thursday, the 4th of July 2013. Many participants have arrived at the stadium around 7.00 a.m. Not for long, the stadium was congested with people.


At 7.40a.m., Sports Day has officially begun. We sang the National Anthem followed by the school song. After that, our principal, Puan Azizah gave a magnificent speech. Then, it was time for the opening. The school band was the first to march, they march while playing their instruments. Now, it's time for the respective houses to show off their creative side. As the tradition of every sports day , a mascot must be created to represent the houses. The quirkier, the better. 

The red house athletes came forward with their mascot, Mr. Incredible, an image of strong-will and bravery. A good choice.
Mr. Incredible leading the way to JUSTICE.

Lookin' good, Mr Incredible

The yellow house was next, their mascot was a minion from the famous movie named Despicable Me while the rest of the athletes were also dressed as minions. Minions are all the rage now and everybody hooted in delight upon the sight of the famous blue overalls and googly glasses. Next up, is the blue house, their mascot was a native straight from the alien land of Pandora. An avatar! Avatars are strong warriors that stick to their traditions. Last but not least are the green house and their mascots Incredible Hulk and Buttercup from power puff girls. Hulk managed to control his temper as he walked along with the members of green house. 

A creepier version of Buttercup

The Hulk, or The Green Giant of the can of peas?
Next were the members of the uniformed bodies. First up were the scouts; followed by the school youth cadets and then it was the police cadets. It was then the firefighter cadets' turn. After that, the St. John's Ambulance members were up. It was the Red Crescent members who came in last. Everyone marched into their respective places and each of the leaders stepped in front and made an oath along with the athletes.

Red Crescent


School Youth Cadets

Police Cadets

After that, it was time for the events: all of them involving running. At the sound of the whistle, the athletes bolted at top speed. The crowd goes wild to cheer for their teams. The clicks of the cameras of shutterbugs can be heard all around as they capture this momentus event. The athletes ran as fast as they could in order to win this race. Minor casualties were inevitable but it never hindered the event. 


After all the events, everyone gathered at the field to announce all the winners. The blue house and the scouts won the awards for the best marching team. The best female athlete award was won by Kesha Jasmine and Crystal Khoo Su Mei. As for the male category, Adrian Ho won the award. The overall winner for the year 2013 was won by red house! Yellow house came in second, third place was won by blue house and last up is green house.

On your marks...

By 12.45 p.m., this yearly event has come to an end. It was a marvellous day and all the athletes had worked very hard.

Yong Ying

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