Sunday, 14 July 2013

School Co-operative Entrepreneurship Day

How panoramic!
Usually, students pull long faces when they reach school. However, on a particular 19th June, everybody turned their frown upside down. There’s only one reason that resulted this to happen, that is, it was our school’s Co-operative Entrepreneur Day. This is organized by our school’s co-operative, set up by our school.
Starting it all off...
As the program would start at recess time, the students waited patiently for the bell to ring. Even the teachers were getting eager to join the fun. It must have took them quite a long time as the students excitedly jump off their seats, impatient to leave the classroom and have a great time.
Setting up the stalls.
Candy, anyone?
Various types of food and beverages were sold like crazy. The helpers got their hands full for the whole day. Some stood at the stalls and waited for customers to come while others walked around the school, promoting the products they have in hand to sell. Examples of the mouth-watering treats sold were cotton candy, cupcakes, pizzas and more, which made the consumers’ taste buds dance around their tongue. Nothing would have stopped the students from going to the stalls, all located under the roof on top of the crowded multi-purpose court.
Waffle in the making.
Savoury rice balls onigiri for sale!
Games were also part of the day’s events. The Frisbee and the futsal competition, organized by our school’s Leo Club, was actively participated by the students. The DNA Team claimed victory for the anticipated futsal competition. There were also water balloons which were sold like hot cakes. The students who bought them were throwing the balloons at each other, causing them to get wet.
Singing it all out
One of the big hits of this co-operative entrepreneur day was the ‘BU3 Idol’, which attracted many dance-loving pupils and music fans to take part in. Attempting to win the heart of the voters, the participants performed their talents of singing and dancing. Cheers filled the multi-purpose court where the ‘BU3 Idol’ was held at.
Enter, if you dare...
Another huge hit of the day would be the haunted house. From the time it opened to the time it closed, the waiting hall had never failed to attract more people who waited for their chance to enter the haunted house. Located in the school’s Library, it actually attracted the students’ attention even before the day itself. With the pre-booked tickets in hand, many students tried to squeeze in the door to the waiting hall. In the haunted house, there were many scary decorations to jazz up the freaky atmosphere, which with the ghastly-looking Librarians prompted the visitors to shout and scream throughout the visit. Some may have even cried out of fear. Satisfied, the people who have enjoyed the visit might have their money ready for next year’s tickets to the attraction.
Frisbee fun
Now, as we look back, memories of the fun and joy continue to fill our minds. Looking forward to next year’s co-operative entrepreneur day, we are hoping that it will be an exciting one, just like this year’s. 
Ending on a high note

Milvert Ling

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