Thursday, 4 July 2013

Looking Back...

Brittany Claire Jalleh
Head (2012)
Time flies and five years had gone by so fast, my secondary school life has been filled with good memories from my experience of being a Librarian. I freshly recall a question asked during my interview, 'Why do you want to become a Librarian?' My answer was, 'I believe that being a Librarian can help me to become more responsible, and I would like to gain some experience.'
Looking back, I believe this answer speaks truly and clearly of what I have experienced during the five years of being a Librarian and I have yet not regretted [joining] at all. I realised I have grown tremendously. I learnt to be more disciplined and learnt to carry responsibilities fully and multi-task in many areas. Besides, it has also taught me that never giving up and trying your best in everything you do is important as well.

During my [years of] service, I gained so much from working together with my fellow librarians. From creating awareness about the Library, to planning activities (Haunted House, Library Week, etc.) and events; this exposure has taught me well in becoming a good team player, as well as a better leader. However, without all the Librarians, I wouldn’t be able to do it! Hence, I thank all you Junior and Senior Librarians for your countless efforts in helping out…

The journey as a Librarian, coupled with schoolwork and other activities, was not easy. Multi-tasking and proper planning is the key in ensuring that all responsibilities were carried out well. 

There were many times where we faced difficulties and challenges. However, with determination, and especially combined efforts, from all the Librarians, we managed to overcome it together. I hope this culture continues so that our Library’s objectives and standard can be brought to the highest level. 

Being a Librarian has not only given me experience, but most importantly, I gained many friendships. Without my fellow Librarians, [be it] seniors and juniors, I wouldn’t have achieved and created wonderful memories of my secondary school life. I am really glad and proud to be part of these friendships, [that has formed what] I call [as] family. We are like a big family of brothers and sisters. All the bittersweet memories that we had are invaluable and I shall cherish it forever…

Well, I wish all the other Librarians and future committee members all best, and continue to live up to our motto, ‘ Towards Success We Work Together’ :)

Brittany Claire Jalleh
Head (2012)

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