Saturday, 13 July 2013

Prefect and Librarian Board Appointment Ceremony

On the 1st of July, the probationary Librarians of 2013 officially became full-fledged Librarians. After months of gruelling work and bullying mentoring from senior Librarians, they finally shed their old skin and were made anew. When something new comes in, something old must leave. Hence, the Committee Members included fresh new faces.

On that eventful day, the probationary Librarians wore their spiffy brand-new Librarian uniform , They look so uncomfortable in them, I wanted to burst into giggles of adorable-ness. As the morning progressed, all the librarians, both probationary and senior, were lined up and seated as rehearsed. The Prefects of our school also shared this momentous day with us , thus they too were seated and excited for the ceremony to begin.
The day's assembly started as usual , with a few prize giving ceremonies [for the Entrepreneurship Week, as well as Language Week].

After that , the ceremony finally began. A big banner overwhelmed with balloons across the front was brought on stage. With a needle in hand , Puan Azizah [our beloved principal] popped the balloons, thus opening our ceremony.

The probationary Prefect lined up, and one by one, they walked on stage to receive their name tags from Puan Azizah. The crowd clapped enthusiastically. Next, came the new Prefect committee members. Up the stage they went, to get their new positions, and the previous committee members stepped down. As the old committee members give files to their successors, it showed that the position has been passed on. Chun Hao Zhe, new Head Prefect, led the new prefects in taking up an oath to serve the school.

Then, it was the turn of the probationary Librarians. They lined up as well, and went up on stage to receive their name tags and neckties from Puan Azizah and Puan Sabrina. The Librarians looked at them proudly as they headed up on stage. Next, the new committee members went up. It was indeed a memorable sight to see Yeoh Zi Qing [2013 Head Librarian] passing the letter of appointment to our new head, Quek Zuoo Yuon. How that small gesture had such a great significance was truly mind-blowing.

As a finale,  the Librarians gathered up on stage, to take up the Librarian oath. Quek Zuoo Yuon first recited the oath, which is then followed by the other Librarians.

With that, the event is finally over. The probationary Librarians [now junior Librarians] seemed to be in a daze as everybody congratulated them and gave them pats on their backs. For them, this is only the start of their journey as they have many years in the Library up ahead.

With that, I wish them good luck and welcome them warmly into our Librarian family! (oops, I should stop calling them probationary Librarians already! )

[Luckily, this editor spotted it. E.Q.K.]

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