Monday, 22 July 2013

Librarian, and Proud!

Hans Lee De En
Assistant Treasurer (2013)
One of my proudest moments in 2011 was when I received my Librarian necktie, and name tag which read ‘Pengawas PSS: Hans Lee De En’. After 6 long awaited months, my journey as a probationary Librarian has come to an end.  However, my responsibility as a full-fledged Librarian had begun.
When I was under probation, I was assigned to the Inventory subunit which are responsible for recording data (also known as processing) of the books into the computer program [which is S-Lib].  There were many challenges from simple tasks, such as putting books back into their respective sections and tougher duties, like recording data accurately.
My seniors were tough and relentless in ‘pushing’ duties to me but I didn’t mind as I actually did enjoy fulfilling the tasks.  Being a part of the Inventory Subunit (or as I would like to call myself, an Inventorian) taught me how to be organised and to be detailed when doing a specific job.  This also made me realise the importance of completing something within an allotted time. 
 I carried out being an Inventorian for almost a year and a half until I was 'upgraded' to be the Assistant Treasurer.  Shocked as I was, the announcement was really unexpected, and I was elated.  When I carried out my new duty, doing accounts and being an Ah Long [Debt Collector]; staying calm and cool in pressured situations was something I had to keep in mind constantly.  I sincerely thank Carissa Ho [2013 Treasurer] for teaching and helping me when I was such a newbie in this.
To be a Librarian, which meant being part of a committed team, has given me a sense of pride and achievement, the cornerstone that will help me in moulding who I am and what I can become.
I offer my thanks to my teachers and seniors who have supported and guided me for the past 3 years.  I look forward to carry out my future post, duties and assignments.  In return, for the next 2 years, I also hope to be able to share my knowledge that I have acquired and the sense of pride in being a Librarian to my fellow Librarians.

Hans Lee De En
Assistant Treasurer (2013)
This post is part of a series that will feature heart-warming posts from the members of the High Committee of the 2013 Librarian Board.

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