Thursday, 1 August 2013

Highlights of 2012: Welcome back!

Chaos once again ruled the streets. Yes, I joined the many others as we concentrated on just one target: school. It was the first day of school.

Some students shook with fear, others jumped with joy.

Ironically, the first-day-of-school feeling for me does not start in school, but in some departmental store back-to-school sale or recovering my uniform from the depths of my closet! With its distinct association, its creepy grasp can be overpowering even before you set foot into school.

Then on that day itself, the new day complements the new atmosphere. The missing outlines of last year's seniors are strangely replaced with newbies, a new classroom with fresh and familiar faces alike, new teachers, and perhaps new subjects too.

Facts abound, and to list them all would be preposterous. Fact alone is nothing, it is what you decide to do with it that matters. None would be a better example than being in Form Four, the year of streaming to either pure science, sub-science, arts or accounting.

Co-curricular activities can help you accomplish many things.

What subjects should I take? What society should I join? Should I take up a post in class or in the school? These are some of the questions you might ask yourself.

Yes, you may claim that some questions would be answered by someone else before you even realise that there ever was a question, but the ultimate choice is truly yours to make.

What would most probably determine your choices would be how you shook in fear or jumped in joy, as I have said earlier. It may change as the year goes on, but the choices you make could end up influencing you life.

Let both mind and heart decide equally, your conscience and capabilities too could chip in. Weight both the pros and cons of every choice, and it will all be plain sailing. With that, have a great year and choose well!
By Kiwan Richard, 16, SMK Bandar Utama Damansara (3), Selangor
This post is part of the line-up ahead of the blog's second anniversary. All these posts will be taken from articles written by students featuring the school on School Times, the educational pull-out from the New Straits Times.

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