Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Our 100th Post!

Dear readers,

Welcome to our 100th post! It is a joyous occasion for all of us blog administrators, who have anticipated this ever since we started the blog. More than 2 years and over 8,000 views later, we finally made it! Despite the hurdles we have to overcome, and the frustrating moments we have with the interface sometimes, we're here :)

I'd like to start by thanking all those readers - regardless of whether you are a Librarian, a student, or a random passer-by who was looking for something nice to read - for being kind enough to support us. Who would have thought that a little school organisation like us could get those 8,000 views within 2 years? Well, as we always say in the Library, TOWARDS SUCCESS WE WORK TOGETHER!

Secondly, I would like to thank all the contributors to the blog. From the witty Simple English by Daniel Chew [2012 Inventory Subunit Head] to the artistic Ushering in the year of the dragon... by Alisa Zarina [2013 Aesthetics Subunit Head] and Looking Back... by Brittany Jalleh [2012 Head], they are simply divine to read and enjoy. Even our very own film-makers packed quite a punch! I hope all you readers out there enjoyed what we have to say, because I certain do! Even the 2013 High Committee had a whale of a time writing their touching posts, sharing with everyone what they felt.

Starting with the inspiring Words of Wisdom..., it then went on to the cute and memorable Sketches of Librarian Life. Moving past bittersweet Life of a Librarian, we go on to the touchingly heart-warming I am Eager to Learn... and the enlightening Towards Discipline We Strive Together. All of this finally prefigures the epically long and detailed account, Time Flies So Fast.... Only one more post remains to be completed, but responses couldn't have appeared faster, as can be seen in  Just A Few Words.

It was quite a fun ride, I must say, to come to the moment of fruition of the tree of our efforts. Actually, the euphoria started when our monthly views dramatically climbed from a modest 296 views in April 2013 to a dizzying 804 views in May 2013, before reaching its zenith at 1,477 views in June 2013. I practically felt like jumping with joy, knowing that everything wasn't in vain.

Anyways, with our reports on many an event that has happened; including our Library Week, field trips, Appointment Ceremonies, and Farewell Banquets; I hope they have provided everyone with an insight into what makes our Library Board unique. They have all been labours of love, filled with dedication to details and fun facts, all guaranteed to dispel even the slightest hint of boredom

With that, I give my heart-felt thanks (again) to everyone for supporting us continuously. We will promise to update you guys with more interesting (and wacky) reads, and perhaps expand in the future to include even more writers on the blog. By the way, I hope you also have enjoyed the pictures interspersed throughout the post, as you have throughout this picture-filled blog.

Ad successu nos operari simul!

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