Friday, 20 December 2013

2013: Year In Review - Part II

Welcome back, people! This is 2013 in review, and we here on the blog are compiling a list of outstanding posts we have shown on the blog. If you haven't read the previous post, I suggest you get cracking and read it first before you go down this list.

First up, school news gets the spotlight with the following pieces telling of the school's almanac:

Orientation day!, the day of a new beginning for primary school leavers.
Our school got star-struck, with cameos on television as seen on 16 May 2013: Look What Was on the Television! and Featured on television, again.
School Co-operative Entrepreneurship Day, the day of fine sales and bargains.
A Horde of Minions on Sports Day?!, look what happens when cute munchkins overrun a day of athletics
Merdeka: SMKBU(3) Style!, where patriotism takes centre stage with Malaysia's birthday.
PMR Trials: A First-Hand Encounter, the first wave of the examination fever spreading nation-wide.
Clean up, clean up; everybody, everywhere...  or a fine day to get together for a noble cause :)
2013 SPM Trial Examinations, the second intense wave of examinations coming through!
Co-curriculum Day 2013 - What a Day! now with videos to get you awestruck
A Graduation To Remember for us school leavers, with our joy exhibited in the videos of Graduation Day Performances
SPM examinations, then the holidays!, an experience to certainly get your adrenaline going
PMR results are out!, a most tumultuous day to finish off the year.

You may be thinking, there are some events missing. Where could they be? Well, they were so well written that they were actually featured in School Times, an educational pull-out of the New Straits Times. They are here below, for you to look through:

Highlights of 2013: One flaming scout's camp
Highlights of 2013: Celebrating academic success
Highlights of 2013: Teacher Oh Teacher!
Highlights of 2013: Quiz Masters
Highlights of 2013: Language Week
Highlights of 2013: Thank You!
Highlights of 2013: First day at secondary school

There was even articles from years past, for you to see as well, some even pre-dating the blog's founding:

Highlights of 2011: Canteen Day
Highlights of 2011: It all started years ago...

Well, these aren't that old, but they do chronicle quite a 2012 filled with activities, and good reads:

Highlights of 2012: Law Games
Highlights of 2012: Co-curricular success
Highlights of 2012: Three Cheers for Malaysia!
Highlights of 2012: A Week of Delights
Highlights of 2012: Reaping what they sow
Highlights of 2012: Behind the scenes: Haunted house edition
Highlights of 2012: Teachers' Fete
Highlights of 2012: On your mark, get set, GO!
Highlights of 2012: Dancing For Health
Highlights of 2012: Endurance Race
Highlights of 2012: Wind Band's Opus
Highlights of 2012: Go, Lego, go!
Highlights of 2012: Welcome back!

A school without its students is just an empty building, an ironic paradox. Hence, second is a series of posts celebrating the best of the student body, with their diverse capabilities:

Student Highlights: Passion For Success
Student Highlights: All for basketball
Student Highlights: Passionate Writer
Student Highlights: Musical Mathematician
Student Highlights: Remarkable basketballer
Student Highlights: Not bound by limits
Student Highlights: A Class Above The Rest
Student Highlights: Determined to succeed
Student Highlights: Inventing Solutions

That's all in this part of the list, but the final part will be up tomorrow, with a more artistic angle in mind. Till then, happy reading!

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