Thursday, 19 December 2013

2013: Year In Review - Part I

December is here, and as the holidays lets us administrators relax, it is a great time to review the year. With our ups and our downs in this roller-coaster ride of 2013, we present to you the series of posts which have been prominently featured on the blog, capturing the essence of the Librarians with a rich list of posts up and down the year. This is the first time we have done such a definitive list, so let's make it one to remember!

First up, we have 'From the Desk of the High Committee' - stories, musings and  swan songs from the members of the 2012-2013 Librarian High Committee, ready to be shared with the rest of the world. As with most things unorthodox, the authors seem taken aback with the project initially, but the results are spectacularly deep and insightful, as can be seen in the list below (in no particular order of precedence, because they are equally amazing):

Sketches of Librarian Life by Foong Kang Yee, a look on probationary Librarian life in endearing sketches.
Words of Wisdom... by Carissa Ho, a brief and thoughtful muse on being a Librarian.
Towards Discipline We Strive Together by Hiew Yi Sa, words of sound and wise Librarian advice.
Life of a Librarian by Quek Zuoo Yuon, a story of a Librarian's challenge with responsibilities.
I am Eager to Learn... by Serene Khoo, a testament of a Librarian's growth and blossoming.
Time Flies So Fast... by Yeoh Zi Qing, a detailed chronicle of a Librarian's journey of discovery.
Librarian, and Proud! by Hans Lee, a cheerful commentary of the joys of Librarian life.

The project garnered so much enthusiasm, that even an old Head Librarian even contributed:

Looking Back... by Brittany Jalleh, a swan song of insights into the essence of being a Librarian.

Heartwarming as it is, there are also anecdotes from other Librarians as well

The Perks of Being A Probationary Librarian, Saya Sebagai Pelatih Pengawas Pusat Sumber and  2013: Life as a Probate are all entertaining accounts on being a probationary Librarian.

Just A Few Words are something that junior Librarians need to say to their seniors, from which the seniors respond with Before We Part....

Second up are our events, which we host every year. They give an insight into the high points of the Librarian year, and gives colour to Librarian life.

Friendship Day about our sales during this love-filled day.

Below is this year's coverage of Library Week:
Saya, Kamu, Kita: Day I
Saya, Kamu, Kita: Day II
Saya, Kamu, Kita: Day III
Saya, Kamu, Kita: Day IV
Trip To Cameron Highlands, our annual field trip, this year to the cool Cameron Highlands.
A Trip to Rhythm & Hues Studios, bonus field trip to the studios, famous for rendering 'Life of Pi', for deserving Librarians. 
Boo!: It's the Haunted Library!, a scary look into our sales during Entrepreneurship Week.
Prefect and Librarian Board Appointment Ceremony, the big day that our probationary Librarians and the Library Board are officially appointed.
Our Annual Farewell Party of 2013, where we celebrate what the year has blessed us Librarians with.
A Day in the Jungle, a trip to Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) by the NILAM subunit.

In a school, teachers are the ones that will guide us to achieve our full potential. Hence, third in the list are a few tributes to our teachers that have taught us:

Goodbye, Mr Mah! is about the farewell of our former Senior Assistant for Student Affairs
School Pioneer, Beloved Teacher, Dedicated Educator is the farewell of Pn. Phay Hearn Heng
Much Ado About A New Teacher... is the welcome of our new Senior Assistant for Cocurriculum, Pn. Ngau Siew Lian
Serving Excellence: Words of a Principal, our outgoing principal's swan song.

Teacher's Day, our coverage on the school's Teacher's Day.

Fourth on our list is our own outlet, The Be You! Tree and the blog.

Super Special Anniversary Post... is our second birthday, in commemoration of the blog's founding the night of 31 July 2011.
Our 100th Post!, the milestone post for all of us.
10,000 Views: Jump for Joy!, bonus content for our loyal readers who got us here :).
The Be You! Tree Omnibus Issue - A Parting Gift is the deluxe compendium of the school's newsletter, with articles dating from 2011. 
Origins: The Be You! Tree details the humble beginnings of the newsletter and its current direction.

With that, we come to the end of today's post, but the list goes on tomorrow with Part II and Part III. Stay tuned, people; check out the featured posts, and check out the rest of our posts as well!

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